How to fix Microsoft Teams Error Code caa20001 quickly

Microsoft is pushing Teams more and more as they have mandated it to be the default video and chat service, replacing the old and obsolete Skype. From kids to professionals, Teams have become synonymous with our lives. But, just like any other app Teams is not completely bug-free. One of these errors is “caa20001” alongside an error message. This usually pops up during the login procedure, if there are any issues with the discrepancies with the login ID.


Fix 1 – Log out from Teams and re-login

If Teams is showing up that you are already logged in, just log out and try to log back in.

1. Teams usually automatically start up with your system. You will find a little arrowhead beside the network symbol. Tap on it.

2. Here, you will see many hidden icons.

3. Just, right-tap the “Microsoft Teams” logo and tap on “Sign out” to sign out from the Microsoft Teams.


Sign Out New Min


Once you have logged out from the Teams account, the default Teams page will appear.

4. Choose your account to continue.

5. Otherwise, you can also opt for “Use another account“.


Use Another Account Min


If you are using an account that is already associated to

5. Just put your account password and tap “Sign in” to proceed further.


Sing In Min


6. Due to security reasons, your access will be verified.

5. Put in the code here and tap “Next“.


Next Code Min


This should log you to Teams. Check whether you are still seeing the “ca20001” error code or not.


Fix 2 – Disconnect and reconnect Teams

Connect your account to Teams or if it is already connected, you can disconnect your Teams account and reconnect it.

1. Just right-tap the Windows icon and tap “Settings“.


Settings Min


2. Now, just go to the “Accounts” section.

3. Then, tap on the last settings option on the right-hand side, “Access work or school“.


Access Work Or School Min


Steps to connect the account – 

4. If you haven’t connected your account, tap “Connect“.


Connect Min


5. Just write the name of your work or school account ID and tap “Next“.


Emai Address Ok Min


6. Now, input your account password in the particular box and click “Sign in“.


Sing In Min


7. Once it is done, tap “Done“.

You will see the account is now connected.

8. Launch Teams and tap “Continue” to proceed with the account.

Otherwise, you can also use another account.


Continue Min


Steps to disconnect your account and reconnect it

If you see that you have an account already connected to your system, you can disconnect the account and reconnect it again.

1. Open Settings.

2. Then, head on to the “Accounts” area. Now, on the right-hand side, you will find the “Access work or school“. Tap on it.

3. Now, you will see your school or workplace account is already connected to the system. Expand it.

4. You have to disconnect it. Tap “Disconnect“.


Disconnect Teams Min


5. You have to confirm your action once more. Tap “Yes“.


Yes Teams Min


This will remove the account and account-related information.

6. Now, tap “Connect” to reconnect your account.


Connect Min


5. Just type the Email ID shared with you by your workplace or school.


Emai Address Ok Min


6. Now, input your account password in the particular box and click “Sign in“.


Sing In Min


This way, you can easily reconnect your organization account to your system.

After this, launch Teams and try to log in again.


Fix 2 – Empty Teams cache data

The Teams cache data may get corrupted. Try emptying the existing cache files.


1. Close Microsoft Teams. Then, click on the arrow icon (˄) on your taskbar.

2. Now, right-click on the “Microsoft Teams” logo and tap on “Quit” to close the Teams.


Quit New Min


3. Next, just click Windows key+X keys together.

4. Then, tap on “Task Manager“.


Task Manager Min


5. Here, you will notice several Teams processes are still going on.

6. Just right-tap on the Teams process and tap “End task“.


Teams End Task Min


You can close the Task Manager.



1. Now you can clean the Teams cache.  You have to reach the cache location in the Teams folder.

2. Press the Windows key along with the R key and paste this line.



Teams Access Min


3. Now, double-click to access the “Cache” folder.


Cache Dc Min


4. Then, press the Ctrl+A keys together to select all the contents of the cache folder.

5. Finally, tap on the Delete icon to remove the cache files.


Teams Cache Remove Min


After you have done all these, close the File Explorer.

Now, open the Teams. You may have to wait for the Teams to startup.


If the problem still persists, do this –

1. Right-click on the Windows icon and tap on the “Run“.

2. Now, input this location and click “OK“.



Appdata Teams Folder Min


3. You will find the “Teams” folder in the middle of other folders.

4. Then, right-click on it and click on the “484662Delete” icon.


Teams Folder Delete Min




Close the File Explorer.

Now, relaunch Teams and log in with the credentials.

This should solve the issue.


Fix 4 – Uninstall and reinstall Teams

If nothing has worked out, you can decide to uninstall and re-install Teams.

1. Just right-tap the Windows icon on the middle of the taskbar and tap “Apps & Features“.


Apps And Features Min


2. You will notice a search box on the right-hand pane.

3. Just, type “Teams” in the search box. Teams will appear in search results.

4. After that, click on the three-dot menu and tap “Uninstall“.


Teams Uninstall Min


Next, just make sure that you proceed and completely uninstall Teams from your system.

5. After that, go to this link.

6. Next, tap on “Download Teams” to download the latest edition of the Teams app.


Download Teams For Pc Min


7. Later, just run the “Teams_windows_x64” to start the installation process.


Teams Dc Min


Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the installation process.

Microsoft Teams window will be visible once the installation is done.

8. Now, select the account you want to log in with from the list of accounts.

This way, proceed through the initial sign-in process

You can also download Teams from Microsoft Store directly and use it accordingly.


Fix 5 – Use Teams in a browser

Teams are also very easy to use in a browser.

1. Just go to the Teams live.

2. Tap on “Use on web app” and log in with your work or school IDs.

This will you lead you to Teams on your browser.