How to load Windows 11 faster [Easy Trick]

Does Windows take up quite a while to boot up on your system? This occurs because Windows deliberately waits for 10 seconds for your essential apps to startup. You can revise this particular Startup Delay on your computer to enhance the booting time of your Windows to make it load faster without tweaking any major part of your system.

How to load Windows faster by revising Startup Delay in Windows 11, 10

You can load the Windows faster simply by adding a particular registry key in the Registry Editor.

There are two ways you can do it.

Way 1 – Manually edit the registry

Way 2 – Download and run our registry sript 

You can follow any one of the following ways.


Way 1 – Edit the registry manually

1. At first, click on the search icon and type “regedit“.

2. Then, tap on the “Registry Editor” to open up the Registry Editor.


Regedit With Watermark Win 11



In the next few steps, you will create (and or modify) some system registry keys. Sometimes, this may lead to some further system complications. So, we suggest you create a backup of the existing registry keys if you don’t have one yet.

a. Once you have opened the Registry Editor, you will need to click on the “File” on the menu bar and then tap on “Export“.

b. Then, save the backup in a secure place.


Export Registry Windows 11 New Min



3. When the Registry Edit0r opens up, go to this key location –



4. Now, check if there is any “Serialize” key on the left-hand side.

5. If you can’t find any “Serialize” key, you have to create a new key.

6. Then, on the right-hand pane, right-click on the “Explorer” key and tap on “New>” and then on “Key“.


Explorer New Key Min


7. Name the key as “Serialize“.

8. Now, within the ‘Serilaize’ key, on the right-hand side, right-click and click on “New>” and then tap on “DWORD (32-bit) Value“.


New Dword Min


9. Name this value as “StartupDelayInMSec“.

10. After that, double-click on the value to modify it.


Startupdelay Dc Min


11. Choose the “Hexadecimal” base.

12. Set the ‘Value data:’ to “0“.

13. Then, click on “OK” to save the value change on your computer.


0 Ok Min


After this, close the Registry Editor on your computer. Then, just restart the computer once so that Windows can apply this change. While your computer is rebooting, check the booting time. It should definitely improve and Windows shall load faster than ever before.


This Startup Delay time is provided to your system to provide some time leverage to the apps and services to load up so that the startup apps can perform well and smoothly. After using our registry hack, if you face any kind of stuttering or jitters and if you want to revert this modification, you can easily do it.

Follow these steps to roll back the registry change –

1. Open the Registry Editor.

2. Then, go to the same location again –



3. Now, on the left pane, right-click on the “Serialize” key and tap on “Delete” to remove the key from your computer.


Searilize Delete Min


4. You will see a warning message. Just click on “Yes“.


Yes Min


After this, close all the opened windows and reboot your machine for once. This will set the ‘Startup Delay’ to 10 seconds again and the startup apps will work as usual.


Way 2 – Download and run our registry script

If you don’t want to waste your time creating a new key in the Registry Editor, you can just download and run our registry script to get the same effect.

1. At first, download the ReviseStartupDelay.

2. Then, extract the zip file to the Desktop or any other location of your choice.


Extract The Script Min


3. Once you have done that, go to the location where you have just extracted the zip file.

4. Here you will find two registry scripts. These are “DisableStartupDelay” and “EnableStartupDelay“.

5. Simply, right-click on the “EnableStartupDelay” script and tap on “Open” to merge it.


Enable Open Min


6. A warning message will appear on your screen. Click on “Yes” to confirm the process.


Confirm Merge Yes Win 11 Min


This will enable the registry trick to boot up Windows faster.

Similarly, if you need to remove this alteration from your registry, you can do it also following these steps.

1. Go to the folder where you had extracted two scripts.

2. Then, right-click on the “DisableStartupDelay” and tap on “Open” to open it up.


Disable Min


3. Again a warning message will appear. Simply, tap on “Yes” to confirm the action.


Confirm Merge Yes Win 11 Min


This way, the ‘DisableStartupDelay’ script will run on your system and remove the modifications of the registry.