iPhone gestures not working: How to fix

Gestures not working on your iPhone? Using gestures like double-tap on the back for a quick screenshot makes the iPhone more useful. So, the absence of these crucial gestures on your iPhone can ruin your user experience. But, there is a very easy and quick fix that should take care of this gesture issue on your iPhone.


iPhone gestures not working: How to Fix

There are several benefits to the iPhone Force restart procedure. If a bug in the iPhone software is causing this problem, you can fix that just by force-rebooting the phone.

Step 1 – It is very easy to force-reboot the iPhone. Press the Volume Up button once.

Step 2 – Then, pinch the Volume Down button once.

Step 3 – Finally, press-hold the Power button. Now, this will trigger the switch off function on the iPhone.

Ignore that and keep the pressure on the Power button.


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This entire process is known as the hard reset of the iPhone. Just give the iPhone a few seconds and it shall restart the iPhone.

Try to use the gestures on your iPhone. Check whether this works or not.