iCloud and FindMy grayed out in Settings : How to Fix

Is the iCloud and Find My settings grayed out in the main iPhone settings on your phone? As these options are directly linked to your Apple ID, the problem in the network connectivity or Apple ID itself can lead to this problem. So, these thread of solutions should be helpful fixing this problem.


Fix 1 – Add your iCloud email account

Adding your iCloud-associated email account to your phone should resolve the issue.

Step 1 – Tap to open the Settings.

Step 2 – Next, scroll down and open the “Mail” setting.


mail app open min


Step 3 – In the Mail page on your phone, open the “Accounts” option.


accounts open mail min


Step 4 – Tap on “Add account“.


add new keyboard min


Step 5 – All the possible account types will show up here. Choose to open the “iCloud” setting.


icloud open min


Step 6 – Now, here you have to use your iCloud email ID and password. This is as the same as the iCloud account exists on your phone.

Step 7 – When you have input your account credentials, your phone may get freeze for a second. This is completely normal.


icloud setup min


After this, return to the main Settings page, and you will see the iCloud and Find My features are normal just like before.


Fix 2 – Accept the iCloud terms

iCloud and Find My features may not work if you have not responded to the iCloud terms and agreements. If that is the case, you will notice a red notification dot just below the Apple ID in the Settings page.

Step 1 – Go to the Settings page on your phone.

Step 2 – Then, check whether there are any red dots just below your Apple ID.

Step 3 – Tap to open that.

Step 4 – There you will find the option that you can use to accept the terms and conditions of the iCloud account.

After accepting the terms and conditions of the iCloud account, you can use both the iCloud and Find My settings normally.


Fix 3 – Revoke the Privacy restrictions

The privacy restrictions on the iPhone can block your access to the iCloud and Find My features on the device.

Step 1 – Begin by opening the Settings panel.

Step 2 – Next, open the “Screen Time” settings.


screen time min


Step 3 – There is a designated section called Restrictions. Open the “Content & Privacy Restrictions” tab.


content privacy min 1


Step 4 – Switch off the “Content & Privacy Restrictions” mode.


content privacy min e1714759560264


After this, quit the Settings panel.

The iCloud and Find My settings won’t get blocked anymore.


Fix 4 – Forcefully restart the iPhone

This procedure can fix the issue on your iPhone. All you have to do is to follow these steps thoroughly –

Step 1 – Close all the apps running on the device. Later, pinch the Up Volume button briefly.

Step 2 – Next, pinch and release the Down Volume button.

Step 3 – This step is very important. Just, press&hold down the Power button on your phone. Ignore everything and wait for the Apple logo to show up on your phone screen.

You can release the Power button once it does that.

This entire procedure force-reboots your iPhone. Unlock the device after it reboots and check go to Settings to check the status of iCloud and Find My options. They will function normally.

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