How To Transfer iTunes Library To Another Computer In Windows 10

iTunes is one of the most popular media players that’s also available for Windows 10 now. It’s known for its huge media library consisting of thousands of music files, plenty of TV shows, full-length movies, podcasts, and so on. This huge collection only clogs up your hard drive space causing it to slow down.

So, to reduce the stress on on your hard drive you can transfer the iTunes library content to another PC. Let’s see how.


Solution: Using A USB Flash Drive


Step 1: Open the iTunes app, go to the File tab on the upper left of the screen, click on it, and select Library from the context menu. Then, click on Organize Library.


Itunes File Library


Step 2: Now, in the Organize Library dialog box, check the box next to Consolidated files. Press OK to save and exit.


Organize Library Check Consolidated Files Ok


Step 3: Now, press the Windows key + E together on your keyboard to open the File Explorer. Click on This PC shortcut on the left and then double-click to open the C drive. Here we clicked on OS (C:).


Win + E File Explorer This Pc C Drive


Step 4: Next, navigate to the below path one by one to reach the iTunes folder:


  • double-click on Users
  • double-click on your current user account. Here we click on madhu.
  • double-click on Music.
  • Now, you reach the iTunes folder.


Navigate To The Path One By One


Step 5: Right-click on the iTunes folder and select Copy from the context menu.


Right Click On Itunes Copy


Step 6: Now, paste this file onto your USB flash drive/pen drive, connect the pen drive to the other computer, and copy this iTunes folder to that computer.


Paste To Usb Copy To Another Pc


Step 7: Now, press the Windows key + E together on your keyboard to open the File Explorer on the new PC. Navigate to the same path to reach the iTunes folder in the same manner as shown in Step 4.

You will see an iTunes folder in the new PC as well if you have been already playing iTunes on it. However, if you do not want to overwrite the content or overload it with too much of content, delete the old folder. Right-click on the iTunes folder, and click on Delete.


Right Clik On Itunes Folder Delete


Step 8: Now, select the new iTunes folder (that you transferred from the old PC using pen drive) and drag-and-drop it to the Music folder of the new PC.


Drag And Drop The New Itunes Folder In The Musi Folder Of New Pc


That’s it. You are done transferring the iTunes library to the new computer.