How to Start Microsoft Edge In Full Screen mode

If you are thinking about how to open Microsoft Edge in full-screen mode here are the different ways to do it. It can be done using the browser settings or tweaking the browser properties etc. In this article let us see how to start the Microsoft Edge browser in full-screen mode on Windows 10.

Method 1: Start Full Screen Mode Using Browser Settings


Step 1: Open the Microsoft Edge browser

Step 2: Click on the three dots at the top right corner of the browser

Step 3: From the appeared list click on the double arrow mark beside the zoom option. This will activate the full-screen mode




Step 4: If you want to exit from the full-screen mode then press f11 from your keyboard.

Method 2: Start Microsoft Edge In Full Screen Using Run Prompt


Step 1: Open the run prompt using Windows + R keys together

Step 2: Copy the following command and paste it into the run prompt

msedge.exe --kiosk --edge-kiosk-type=fullscreen




Step 3: Then hit enter. This will open the website in full screen mode.


Method 3: Start Microsoft Edge In Full Screen With Kiosk


Step 1: Right-click on the Microsoft Edge shortcut

Step 2: From the appeared list click on properties




Step 3: Go to the shortcut tab and under the target field, append the URL of the website that you want to open in the browser.

For example:  --kiosk --edge-kiosk-type=fullscreen




Note: Replace with the URL of the website you want to open.

Step 4: To save changes click on OK

Step 5: Now when you double click on the shortcut icon of Microsoft edge it will open in full screen mode by default. To exit from this, press Ctrl + Alt + Delete



That’s it! I hope this article is helpful. Thank you!!