How To Solve 0xC004C020, Activation Server reported that the Multiple Activation Key has exceeded its limit

Microsoft licenses its Windows 10 Operating System Software. They provide license keys to the user to activate Windows 10 in the system. There are three different types of keys based on the use. They are Retail keys, OEM Keys, Volume Licensing (MAK/KMS) keys.

The Volume Licensing keys are mostly used by large organizations. These organizations buy the Windows licenses in bulk and these keys cost much less when compared to other kinds of keys. MAK keys are one of the types of Volume licensing keys that can activate a specific number of devices. When a device uses the key to activate, the count of available keys decreases by 1.  For some reason, if the PC is formatted, we cannot use the same licensing key to activate windows again. Hence, these keys are usually added to devices where there are fewer chances of the device getting reformatted.


The error 0xC004C020, Activation Server reported that the Multiple Activation Key has exceeded its limit is seen when the MAK has exceeded the activation limit. In this article let us see what one has to do when this error is seen in the system

Steps to be followed when the error is seen in the system

If you have seen this issue on your company laptop, you can reach out to the System Administrator.

If you are responsible to resolve the issue, and you are sure that the  activation limit for the key has not reached, then you can reach out to Microsft Support

Once you state your issue, they might suggest if you have to buy keys for additional activation or provide you a new code that can be used to re-activate.



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