How to Group Different Graphics Elements Into One Object in Word

Let’s say you have a Word document that has many types of graphics elements like pictures, shapes, texts, diagrams, etc. Since these graphics elements could be in sets, they will have to be moved together, formatted together, and resized together. If you do not have them grouped, you will have to apply such operations to each one of the graphics elements individually. But if you have them grouped as a single object, then they can be easily managed.

So, how do you group all the graphics elements so that they can be resized, formatted, and moved together? Is there a way to do it? Of course there is, and we are here to talk about that simple way today! Hope you enjoy reading!


The article assumes that you already have the graphics elements, that you want to be grouped together, ready in your Word document. In the example screenshot below, I have a Word document that has graphics elements like Shapes, Pictures, and SmartArt. If I move them now, they would all move individually, making it very difficult to properly organize them. But if I group them, it definitely makes it easier to move them as a whole, to resize them, and to format them.


1 Initial Min


Section 1: How to Group Different Graphics Elements Into a Single Object

Step 1: Firstly, we need to set the wrap property of each graphics element that we are planning to add to the group as In Front of Text.

For that click on the graphics element, then click on the FORMAT tab at the top.

Now under the FORMAT options, click on the Wrap Text dropdown button and choose the option In Front of Text.

You have to repeat the same steps for all the objects that you are planning to group.


2 Infront Of Text Min


Step 2: Now hold down the CTRL key on your keyboard and click on every graphics element that you want to add to the group.

Once all the elements are selected, click on the Format tab at the top.

Look for the section named Arrange. Under the Arrange section, click on the dropdown button named Group. Then click on Group from the dropdown menu options.


3 Group Min


Step 3: That’s it. You can now see a border around the graphics elements that you chose. Yes, they are grouped now!


1 Grouped Min


Section 2: How to Resize All the Graphics Elements Together

Firstly, you need to group the elements that you want to resize together, by following the steps mentioned in Section 1. Once you have grouped the elements, you can easily resize them together by following the steps below.

Step 1: Click somewhere inside the group to view the group borders. As next, click on any of the small hollow square icons present at the corners of the group border. Drag it out for increasing the size of the elements and drag it in for decreasing the size.


4 Grouped Min


Step 2: You can now see that the sizes of the elements inside the group are now proportionally decreased or increased.


5 Resized Min


Section 3: How to Move All the Elements Inside a Graphics Object Together

To move all the objects inside the group together, simply click on the group and then move your cursor towards the borders. Your mouse will now turn to the pointer shown in the screenshot below. You can then click and drag the group to move all the elements inside it together.



3 Move


Section 4: How to Delete All the Elements Inside a Grouped Object in One Go

Simply click on the group once and then hit the DELETE key. This will delete the group, including all the elements inside it.



1 Grouped Min


Section 5: How to Edit Elements Inside a Group Individually

If you would like to resize or move elements individually inside a group, then you first click on the group and view its borders. As next, simply click on the element inside. Now you can easily move or resize or perform any other operation on them.


2 Inside Element Min


Section 6: How to Ungroup the Elements Inside a Graphics Object

Just as you might want to group the elements into a group, once you are done with your requirement, you might want to ungroup the elements to set them free. Let’s now see how this can be done.

Click on the group first. Then click on the FORMAT tab at the top. Now under the Arrange section, click on the Group dropdown button and then choose the Ungroup option. That’s it. Your graphics elements are now ungrouped.



7 Ungroup Min


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