How to Fix Server was unreachable for too long on Omegle

Omegle is one of the most relaxed chat services, which doesn’t even need you to register to talk with an unknown person. Usually, Omegle works pretty fine on the web client, but sometimes, users may see this error message while trying to connect –

Technical error: Server was unreachable for too long and your connection was lost. Sorry 🙁 Omegle understands if you hate it now, but Omegle still loves you

Usually, if you are using a VPN to connect to a specific location on Omegle, this can occur.

Workaround –

1. Try refreshing the webpage couple of times.

2. Close the Omegle website on your browser. Then, wait for a few minutes. Then, try to reach Omegle again.

Fix 1 – Check whether Omegle is up

Before you do anything else, check whether Omegle is down or not.

1. You can take the help of Downdetecor to identify whether the Omegle website is up or not.

2. Visit this website.

If you notice the “Use reports indicate no current problems at Omegle” message, there is no problem with the Omegle server and the problem is at your end.


Omegle Up Min

In case, if you notice “Users reports indicate possible problems at Omegle” then there is some problem at their end and you have to wait until the issue is resolved.


Fix 2 – Use another browser

The best alternative solution is to use another browser on your device.

1. Close the tab where you have opened Omegle.

2. Then, open another web browser (like if you have witnessed the problem on Google Chrome, open Microsoft Edge or Mozilla Firefox).

3. Now, from this new browser, try to reach Omegle once again.

Test if you can reach Omegle on this new website. If you can, the corrupted cache of the previous browser was causing this problem.


Fix 3 – Use VPN

If the present IP address is blocked/ banned by Omegle, you can use a VPN connection to change your IP address and connect to Omegle.

You can use any free VPN service you want and connect. As Omegle is available across almost all countries, this will work for sure.


Fix 4 – Add cookies for Omegle

This trick works on Google Chrome irrespective of the device (Desktop, laptop, smartphone).

1. Open Google Chrome.

2. Then, click on the three-dot menu and tap “Settings“.


Settings Chrome Min


2. Next, click on “Privacy and security” on the left-hand pane.

3. On the right-hand section, tap the “Site settings” option to explore it.


Site Settigns Min


4. Just, tap “Cookies and site data” to explore it.

Cookies And Site Data Min


5. Then, go down to the ‘Customized behaviors’ section.

6. Here, in the ‘Sites that can always use cookies’ option, tap “Add” to add the site to the list.


Add Omegle 1 Min


7. Now, just type down this web address in the blank box.

8. Check the “Including third-party cookies on this site” check box.

9. Finally, click “Add” to add the website to the list.


Add Omegle Min


After this, close Google Chrome once and relaunch it. Now, open a blank tab and try to reach Omegle once again.


Fix 5 – Use another device

You can try to reach Omegle on your other devices, like iPhone, and use it there as well.

As different devices have different IP addresses, you won’t face this problem on another device. So, you can use Omegle there as well.


Fix 6 – Connect to another WiFi/ another network

You can disconnect from your regular WiFi and connect to another network (such as the hotspot of your mobile) and try to reach Omegle.

1. Tap on the WiFi icon on the taskbar.

2. Then, click on the current WiFi you are connected to and tap “Disconnect” to disconnect from that network.


Anonymouse Wifi Disconnect Min


3. Then, start the hotspot on your mobile.

4. Next, connect to the hotspot on the mobile.

5. Now, open Google Chrome and try to reach Omegle once more.


Reconnect To The Wifi Min


Check if this helps to solve your problem.


Fix 7 – Clear the Chrome cache

Sometimes corrupted browser cache can cause the problem.

Try clearing out the Chrome browsing data from your computer.

1. In Google Chrome look on the top-right corner. You can see a three-dot option beside your account image.

2. Now, click on the three-dot menu and click on the “More tools>” option.

3. Next, click on the “Clear browsing data” option on the context menu.


Clear Browsing Data Chrome Min


4. Set the ‘Time range:’ and select “All time” from the list.

5. Tick these three boxes quickly –

Browsing history
Cookies and other site data 
Cached images and files

6. Finally, tap “Clear data” to remove all the corrupt files.


Clear Chrome Min


After this, try to reach the website again.

This should help you resolve the problem.