How To Fix Outlook Signature Not Working Or Freezing Issue

Microsoft Outlook is widely used as an email app for communication purposes but there are different issues faced by Outlook users one of them is the ‘Signature button not working’. We use signatures while sending emails but sometimes when using the signature button it does not work or the Outlook hangs, crashes, etc. This might be because the registry key might be pointing to another location or the pre-installed Microsoft desktop app might be causing this issue, the Office app might require a repair, etc. Go through this article and find the possible solutions to fix the error. It explains the different methods in detail that you can apply. Let us start!

Method 1 – Uninstall Microsoft Office Desktop Apps


Step 1 – Open the Windows settings using Windows + I keys together

Step 2 – Click on apps




Step 3 – In the apps & features window, type Microsoft Office desktop apps in the search box and hit enter


desktop app


Step 4 – Click on Microsoft Office desktop apps from the search result and then click on uninstall


uninstall 1


Step 5 – A confirmation pop-up will appear click on uninstall

Step 6 – Restart your computer and then check if the issue is solved.


Method 2 – Delete A Particular Key In Windows Registry Editor

Note: Before proceeding further it is advisable to take the backup of your registry. Incase you modify the registry incorrectly you can restore back all the data using the backup.

Step 1 – Open the run prompt using Windows + R keys together

Step 2 – Type regedit in the run prompt and hit enter


regedit 1


Step 3 – A user account control window will appear click on yes. This will open the Windows registry editor

Step 4 – While you are in the registry editor window, press Ctrl + F from your keyboard. Copy and paste the below key in the find window and click on find next button





Step 5 – When you find the key, right click on it and from the appeared list click on delete




Step 6 – Repeat the search by pressing f3 from the keyboard and delete the key if found. Repeat the search and delete process until there are no more entries of that particular key.

Step 7 – Close the registry window. Now open the Outlook and then check if the issue is solved.


Method 3 – Check For Latest Outlook Updates And Apply Them


Step 1 – Open the Microsoft Outlook app

Step 2 – Click on the file that is at the top left corner


file 6


Step 3 – On the left side, click on the office account


office account


Step 4 – Click on the update options drop-down and from the appeared list click on update now


update now 1


Step 5 – Wait for the update to finish and then check if the issue is solved.


Method 4 – Run Microsoft Office Repair


Step 1 – Open the windows settings using Windows + I keys together

Step 2 – Click on apps




Step 3 – In the apps & features window, scroll down and find Microsoft Office (Microsoft 365)

Step 4 – Click on Microsoft 365 and select modify




Step 5 – A user account control window will open, click on yes

Step 6 – In the next window, it will ask you for how would you like to repair your office programs. Select quick repair by clicking on the radio button beside it


quick repair


Step 7 – Then click on repair button. Again to proceed with the repair process, click on repair

If the problem still exist then you can repeat the above steps [step 1 – step 5] and then click on Online Repair option by clicking on the radio button beside it. This option requires a good internet connection. Then click on repair button. Again to proceed with the repair process, click on repair


Online Repair


Step 8 – It might take sometime to finish the process. Once done restart the system and then check if the issue is resolved.


Method 5 – Run The Microsoft Support And Recovery Assistant


Step 1 – Go to the Microsoft website

Step 2 – Scroll down and download the Support and Recovery Assistant by clicking on the download button




Step 3 – Once the file is downloaded, double click on the downloaded file (setup.exe)

Step 4 – Install the Microsoft Support And Recovery Assistant by following the onscreen instruction. Once done open it

Step 5 – Select Outlook and click on next

Step 6 – From the appeared window, choose the problem that you are experiencing regarding Outlook then click on next

Step 7 – Follow the onscreen instructions and finish the process. The tool will fix the issue. Then check if the issue is solved.


Method 6 – Contact Your IT Admin

If nothing works for you and the signature button is not enabled or greyed out then you might need to contact your admin because there might require a change in the group policy which can be done by your admin.


That’s it! I hope the above provided information is helpful and easy to follow. Let us know which method you applied to get the issue resolved. Thank you and happy reading!!