How to Fix Can not enter match making issue in Valorant

When you are finding a match in Valorant, sometimes it may fail and show you the “Could not enter matchmaking” error message. This is normal if this occurs only a few times. If this error message is appearing every time you are trying to start a match, then there is a problem. Usually, wrong date and time settings can cause this problem, while there are other possible reasons also.


Fix 1 – Test Riot server status

Sometimes the Riot servers can break down and cause this issue.

You can use the Downdetector and see for yourself whether there are server issues.


Check Valo Status Min


There is another in-game thing that may prohibit successful matchmaking.

1. Launch the Valorant client, if you haven’t already.

2. When the main screen opens up, take a look at the middle of the screen.

3. You will find a list of servers and the average ping.

4. Now, make sure that you check the server with the lowest ping.


Mumbai Server Select Min


Choose the server which is offering the lowest ping. If you go for the server which is offering the lowest ping.

This way, you won’t face matchmaking issues.


Fix 2 – Make sure you are not banned

If you have a time ban on your account, due to game inactivity, this error message “Could not enter matchmaking” appears.

So, when you click “Play” in a certain game mode (suppose “Ranked” mode), the Valorant client immediately shows up the error message. On the next screen, you can see the time period of the ban.

Once that specified time period is over, try to play anything. You can make matchmaking and play your favorite mode.


Fix 3 – Change the time-date settings

If the system time and date settings are wrong, you can face this problem.

1. Exit Valorant.

2. Then, press the Win key+I keys together.

3. Then, tap “Time and language” on the left-hand pane.

4. This opens the various time settings options.

5. Make sure to set the “Set time automatically” option to “On“.


Time And Language Min


This way, Windows automatically sets the time accordingly to the local time zone.

Now, launch the game and try to play the game.


Fix 4 – Log out and log in

There is another neat trick that you can use to fix the issue once and for all.

1. Open the Valorant game.

2. When your reach the main page, click on the gear-shaped ⚙ icon in the top-right corner.

3. Then, tap “EXIT TO DESKTOP“.


Exit To Desktop Min


4. Then, tap “SIGN OUT & EXIT” to close and sign out from the Valorant app.


Sign Out And Exit Min


5. Now, launch the Valorant app.

6. Once it opens up, you have to enter your “Username” and “Password“.

7. Then, tap the arrow sign in to Valorant.


Username Password Click Min


When you sign in to the Valorant game, test if this works out.


Fix 5 – Kill Riot processes and replay

You have to terminate the Riot process and then restart Valorant.

1. While you are playing Valorant, press the Ctrl+Shift+Esc keys together.

2. When the Task Manager opens up, look for the “VALORANT” app process. Then, select the process and tap “End task“.


Valo End Task Min


3. In the ‘Background processes’ page, look for any Riot-games-related process.

4. Once you have found that process, right-tap it and tap “End task“.


End Riot Kill Min


This way, make sure that you have closed all Riot processes.

Test if this works out.


Fix 6 – Run the Valorant client as an administrator

Try running the Valorant as an administrator.

1. Look for the Valorant icon on your desktop.

2. If you can, right-click on the “Valorant” on the desktop and click “Run as administrator“.


Run As Admin Valo Min


This will start the game with administrative rights.

When the game opens up, try to start a game.

If the error message doesn’t appear again, follow these steps –

1. So again, right-tap the “Valorant” app, and this time, click on “Properties“.


Valo Props Min


2. On the Valorant Properties page, click on the “Compatibility” pane.

4. Then, tick the “Run as administrator” check box.


Run This As An Admin Min


5. Finally, click “Apply” and “OK” to apply and save the changes.


Apply Ok For Valo Min


Now, run the client on your system and, when you reach the home page, try to start a game.