How to create another user for your windows 10

If you are sharing your PC/ laptop with some other persons, it is always a better idea to create a separate user account for them. You can grant them the privileges you want, so that they are able to access some of the features that they need.

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In this way, you are making your system safe for any unwanted installations/ modifications. This is really helpful in office setup as well, when you want to restrict certain privileges to the office system or laptop.

You need to have the administrator right to the system to be able to do so.

The method to do so, in windows 10 is outlined below.

How to create another user account for your windows 10

1. Go to Control Panel. You can do that by clicking on the search bar and type “Control Panel” and select Control Panel- Desktop App.

new user creation windows 10_1

2. Select User Accounts

new user creation windows 10_2

3. Click on Manage User Accounts

new user creation windows 10_3

4. A window will pop-up. Click on Add.

new user creation windows 10_4

5. Enter the User Name and Domain and click Next

new user creation windows 10_5

6. Specify the type of access that you wish to grant to the user just created. This is really important and the access type can be changed later on using the administrator access. Click on next and you are done. 

new user creation windows 10_6