How to Check your Printer IP Address in Windows 11

Most printers back in earlier days were used to be connected to the Windows system via a cable wire. But now due to improvements in technologies, you can connect the printer wirelessly to any Windows system and can send the printing command over the wireless network.

This has made it easier for users to share the printer among many computers. But in order to connect and pass the printing command over the network, you need to know the IP address of your printer.

Not many Windows users are aware of how to find the printer’s IP address. If you are also looking forward to knowing your printer’s IP address, follow this article which assists the user on how to get the IP address of the Printer.

How to Check your Printer IP Address in Windows 11


Step 1: Press the Windows and R keys together on the keyboard to open the run box.

Step 2: Then type control in the textbox of run and press Enter key.


Run Control Min


Step 3: Once the control panel page opens, select Category from the View by option as shown below.

Step 4: Click View devices and printers just below the Hardware and Sound option as shown in the screenshot below.


View Devices And Printers 11zon


Step 5: This opens the Bluetooth & devices page.

Step 6: Click Printers & scanners option on the Bluetooth & devices page.


Printers And Scanners 11zon


Step 7: Select the printer from the list of printers and scanners as shown below.


Select Printer 11zon


Step 8: Now click the Printer properties option to open the Properties window of the Printer.


Select Printer Properties 11zon


Step 9: In the Properties window under the General tab, you will get to see the IP address of the printer in the Location textbox as shown below.


Ip Address Location 11zon


Step 10: Alternatively, you can also get the IP address of the printer by clicking on the Port tab and checking the Port details.


Ip Address Ports 11zon


Step 11: Once done, you can close the properties window.