How to block the TCP or UDP port by using windows firewall

Windows firewall is an application developed by Microsoft which filters information coming to your computer from web and block all the harmful potential virus. Hence User can insert a program in the list of allowed programs in firewall to communicate through it. It is usually good to close the unused ports to avoid security threat. Here we show you how to block ports using firewall.

Step 1: Open Windows Firewall.

Hit WinKey + R and type wf.msc and press Enter.



Step 2 : After opening firewall, select “Inbound Rules“.

Right-click on it and click “New Rule“.


New File


Step 3: once it opens, select rule type as Port and click Next.


New File

step 4: Then select TCP and mention the specific port you want to block ( eg. 3300).

Click Next.

New File

Step 5: Select block the connection and click Next.


New File


Step 6: Select all the checkboxes and click Next.


New File


Step 7:  Finally, name this rule (eg. “block_port_3300”).

Click Finish


New File


Yay! We have successfully created a rule using windows firewall to block the unused port.

Thank you for reading this article.