Charging port not working in iPhone : How to Fix

The last trouble you will ever want to face with an iPhone is the problem with the charging port. If you can’t charge your iPhone properly, it won’t last long. Leave everything else and focus on those tips to troubleshooting tips to fix the charging port on your phone.


Fix 1 – Inspect the charging port

The first thing you should do is to check the charging port on your phone.

Step 1 – Detach the phone from the power cable. Take out the case/ back cover from your phone.

Step 2 – Next, check the charging port on the device.

Step 3 – Take a small piece of toothpick. Make sure the tip is clean and moist free.

Step 4 – Use that to clean up the charging socket of any dust or any other particles from the slot. Make sure to clean it up properly.

After this, try to use the power cable to charge your iPhone.


Fix 2 – Change the charging cable

Check the charging cable for any damage in it. If the charging cable has some physical defects, you must change the charging cable.

Step 1 – Usually, the charging cable gets torn in the charger plug area.

Step 2 – So, check whether you can find any deformity in the cables.

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If you can find any deformities present in the cable, you may have to replace it.

Try using a different lightning cable/USB cable to charge your phone.


Fix 3 – Use a Wireless charger

You may use a wireless charger to charge the phone. Even if you have a problem with the charging port, you can charge the phone wirelessly. You just have to place your phone on a wireless charger and let it charge.

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