How to add US International Keyboard in Windows 10 / 11

If you want to add and use US international Keyboard on your Windows 10 PC, please follow the steps given in the article.

How to add US International Keyboard in Windows 10

Step 1 – Click on the Start button and then gear shaped icon to Open settings.


Settings Default


Step 2 – Click on Time & Language.


Time Language Settings



Step 3 – Click on Language from the left menu.

Step 4 – Click on English (United states) to expand and then click on Options.


English Us Options Language


Step 5 – Scroll down and then click on + Sign beside Add a language.


Add A Keyboard



Step 6 – Select United states – International from the list.


United States International


Step 7 – Now, in the Taskbar , click on your language .

Step 8 – Now, select United states – International from the list.


Select Language


This will install United states – International configuration on your Windows 10 Computer. Hope it helps.

How to add US International Keyboard in Windows 11

1 – Press Windows and I key together to open settings.

2 – Now, Click on Time & Language from the left menu.

3 –  Now, click on Language & Region from the right side.


Time Language Region Min

4 -In , the right side , Locate your default language. If there are two languages, the language at the top is your default language.

Now, Click on three horizontal dots located at the right.

5 -Now, click on Language options from the popped up menu.


Language Options Min

6 -In the next window, Click on Add a keyboard.

Add Keyboard Min


7 – Now, select United states – International from the dropdown list.

Us International Keyboard Windows 11 Min

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  1. At last! Why does it have to be so complicated! It’s so important for all Latin and Germanic language speakers , so basically every Western European language!!!

  2. Thanks so much for this article. It really helped. It was killing me trying to figure out how to get the US-Intl keyboard on my Windows laptop. Everyone else’s articles led to options not available in my Settings.

  3. I’ve been searching for that info for like a week and you were the only instruction that worked.
    Thank you!

  4. Thank you for the breakdown with pictures. Other instructions did not get me to where I needed to be, your instructions were dummy proof, worked like a charm.

  5. O my windows 10 english, in Step 6 – Select United states – International from the list
    the list appears only 6 keyboard icons but no text so I don’t knou what to choice.

  6. I rarely leave comments on such helpful pages but yours really is saving me from a lot of frustration. Thank you so much for making this article and making it so easy for us!

  7. Oh you have no idea what a relief for me this was. I had always had to change the language to write á, é, etc… and then ()… This is just great, thank you so much!

  8. Thank you so much, The Greek Page!
    I’d gotten used to the Eng US Int keyboard and after buying a new computer just couldn’t find the way to install it. Can’t believe it’s so tucked away in Microsoft’s workings. You solved a great problem in my typing life, and relieved me from a lot of frustration and even anger in my computer experience.
    Thanks again!
    God bless you.

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