How to add Downloads & network to start menu in windows 11/10

Earlier version of Microsoft windows like windows 7 have downloads folder tucked into start menu. But in windows 10 they do not have downloads folder or network placed in start menu. But, no need to worry as windows 11 have given users much flexibility to customize its start menu to a great extent. Below is a guide with screenshots to help you in sticking downloads, network or music etc. folders in start menu in windows 11.

Windows 11: – How to add Network and download Folder to start menu

1- Press Windows key + I keys together to open settings.

2 – Now, click on personalization from left menu.

3 – Now, Click on start in the right side.


Start Min


4 – Now, click on folders.


11 Min


5 – Now, turn options like downloads or network , whatever you want from this page.

Turn On Options Min


6 -Now, whenever you will click on start, you will find these items.

Fdsf Min

Windows 10: – How to add Network and download Folder to start menu

Step 1 – Firstly go to your desktop and do a right click anywhere. In the menu which pops up, click on personalize as shown in the picture below.




Now, click on Start situated in the bottom left pane.

Finally, click on Choose which folders to appear on start




Now, from the set of options, just change the status to off and on depending upon you want them or not in start menu. For example, here i wanted download folder and network to appear in my start menu. So, i turned them on.

Now, when i started my start menu by clicking the windows icon in the bottom left, i found them there, so, that i can quickly access them.