6 Kind of Google history stored on Google You can delete easily

6 Ways To Find Out What Google Knows About You!:- You think all the data transactions that you have with Google are pretty secret? Well, you might want to check out our article thoroughly. There is no such thing called secrecy when it comes to the Internet. Everything gets recorded somewhere. Dying to know what all information Google has about you? Read on then!

Google Dashboard

  • As the name suggests, this is the place where Google stores all your account summaries. You get to see a lot of things here. Your mail accounts, blogger accounts, calender entries, Google books, Android devices, location history, all your phone book contacts and a lot more. Can’t wait to see how much information Google has about you, in its dashboard? Well, click here to get to Google Dashboard.


The Google Ads You Clicked

  • You roam around through the Interent and you see an Ad of your interest. You think that’s pure co-incidence? Wel, you are very wrong. Google does keep a record of all the Google Ads that you have clicked for targetting you. Longing to see Google’s collection of your favourite Ads? Well, why don’t you click here to get to the Google Ads Settings page?.


Web & App Activity

  • If you think all your web and app activities are confident and burried down forever, it’s high time that you started thinking otherwise. Why don’t you go to the Google Web & App Activity page to save yourself the cost of a heart attack later?


Location History

  • Google sure is keeping track of your location history. To see all the locations that you have been to in the past, Click here.

Youtube Search History

  • Google has a record of all the Youtube searches that you have ever made. Can’t wait to see Google’s collection of your Youtube searches? Well, Click here then.


Voice & Audio Activity

  • All the voice and audio inputs that you have ever sent to Google are safely stored under this section. Click here to get to the Google Voice & Audio Activity page.

Hope the shock wasn’t too much to keep you away from enjoying the article. Do come back for more, as we always have something waiting right here for you.