Google Drive video not downloading on Android Phone Fix

Is downloading a new Google Drive video is stopping in midway? Google Drive stores all of your videos in the server and you can store those as offline files on your Android phone. Now, some users have escalated this issue in multiple Android forums, including reddit. So, in this article, we have prescribed some easy solution to fix this unable to download videos from Google Drive.


1. Can’t download the video from Google Drive? Close it and restart the mobile. Connect the mobile to the network and try downloading a copy from the Google Drive.

Fix 1 – Download over the WiFi

You can’t download big files over the carrier internet. If you are downloading something over 500 MB, download that over the WiFi.

Some Android device has the restrictions on the usage of carrier network. So, using the WiFi will stop these hindrances from downloading these videos.


Fix 2 – Save the video for offline

There is an alternate solution to this whole scenario. Save the video for offline mode in G Drive.

Step 1 – Open the Google Drive.

Step 2 – Go to the video and click the three-dot bar and click “Make available offline” to save the video in offline mode.


make available offline min


This will download the video in Google Drive app. But, there is a catch. You can’t access the video file outside the Google Drive app.

This can be a good workaround solutions.


Fix 3 – Check Drive permissions

Without the storage permissions, you can’t download any video from Google Drive to your Android device.

Step 1 – Hold the Google Drive app and tap “App info“.


drive app info min


Step 2 – Directly open the “Permissions” to open it.


permissions min


You will notice the Storage feature in the Drive permissions page.

Step 3 – Tap “Storage” to allow it.


storage min


Step 4 – Now, choose “Allow access to media only“.


allow access to media only min


This way, you are allowing Drive to store the videos on your phone.


Fix 4 – Check the Storage settings

Do you have enough storage left on your phone? Follow these steps to get an idea –

Step  1 РDrag down the notification shade and open Settings.

Step 2 – Go down through the page and open “About device“.


about device min


Step 3 – Then, you can open the “Storage” option to get the idea about the storage situation on your phone.


storage it min


Clear some big files or uninstall apps that have used up almost all of your storages.

Then, proceed to download the video file once again.


Fix 5 – Clear the Drive cache and data

You should clear the Google Drive storage cache and app data and retry downloading the video file.

Step 1 – Locate the Google Drive on your phone screen.

Step 2 – Then, hold the app and tap “App info“.


drive app info min


Step 3 – Open the “Storage usage” to open the storage option.


storage ussage min


Step 4 –¬†Here you can find the app storage and current local cache.

Step 5 – Click “Clear data” to clear the Drive data.


clear data and cache min


Now, you can open Google Drive and try to download the video again.


Fix 6 – Update the Google Drive app

A glitch with the version of the installed Google Drive app can lead upto this issue. So, update the Google Drive app.

Step 1 – Open the Play Store.

Step 2 – Search for the “Drive” from the search box. Open “Drive” from there.


drive to search min


Step 3 – If an update is pending, tap “Update“.

[If you don’t any such prompt there, go to the next solution.]


update it min


Wait until Play Store updates it. Open the Drive once updated and try to play the video.


Fix 7 – Directly play the video

The video you are downloading can be corrupt. So, try to play the video directly on the Google Drive app on your phone. If you can’t play the video or some error message pops up, the video file is corrupted. So, you can’t download it.

Another thing which may affect some users is uplinked video on their G drive. If you have saved a link of an old video from another account, you may not be able to access or download that video, in case the original video gets removed.

Hope these have helped.