How to delete contacts from Google account in Android Phone

Want to remove some accounts from the Google Accounts? It is quite simple to do that. Google syncs all your contacts on your phone, email accounts to your gmail ID. This way, you can very easily get your contacts from any device and moment you want. In this article, we have shown how to delete your contacts from Google Contacts.

How to delete your contacts from Google account

You can delete your contacts from Google Accounts from any devices. These are the steps to do so –

Step 1 – Open a browser on your phone or laptop. It can be Google Chrome or Brave or Opera or anything else you prefer.

Step 2 –  Then, input this web-address in the address bar and hit Enter.


contacts min


Step 3 – Now, if you haven’t logged into the Google Chrome using your Gmail credentials.

If you have logged in already, you can skip this step.

Step 4 – If you are enacting this on a phone, tap “Stay on web” to continue.


stay on web min


Step 5 – Now, just select the accounts that you want to remove.

Step 6 – After selecting the accounts tap the and choose “Delete“.


delete it min


That’s it! This is the process to remove unwanted accounts from your Google Account.

Soon you will see this effect on all the devices where you use Google Accounts.