Gmail Notifications Not Showing on Android Phone [Solved]

Are you sick of not getting notifications from Gmail whenever a new email lands in your inbox? Getting mail notifications is as important as getting an email because replying on time is extremely relevant. You might have tried restarting your device many times. You might even have tried uninstalling and installing the Gmail application. But if you are still facing the issue of not getting Gmail notifications even after all these, then it might just be because the notification settings are not correctly configured in your Android device.

In this article, we have explained in detail how you can correctly configure your Gmail notification settings so that you will start receiving Gmail notifications every time without fail from now on. Can’t wait to figure out how it can be done? Well, read on then!

Solution 1: Enable Gmail Notifications from the Settings Application

Step 1: Launch the Settings application first.


1 Settings Min


Step 2: From the list of settings options available, click on the Apps option.


2 Apps Min


Step 3: Click on the Gmail application, from the list of applications available.


3 Gmail Min


Step 4: As next, click on the Notifications option.


4 Notifications Min


Step 5: Now, turn ON the toggle button corresponding to the Show notifications option. Also, for all the email accounts, that you want the notifications for, make sure the toggle buttons are turned to ON state for both the Show notifications option and the Mail option.


5 Enable Min


Solution 2: Enable Gmail Notifications from the Gmail Application

Enabling the Gmail notifications for each of your Gmail accounts is as important as enabling the Gmail notifications from the Settings application. If the notifications are disabled in the Gmail application, then you definitely will not get the notifications properly. Let’s see how you can enable Gmail notifications for each of your accounts in the steps below.

Step 1: Launch the Gmail application from the applications drawer.


6 Gmail Min


Step 2: At the top left corner of the Gmail application, click on the More Options icon.


7 More Options Min


Step 3: From the More Options menu, hit the Settings option.


8 Settings Min


Step 4: Now, on the Settings menu, click on the Gmail account for which you are facing the notifications issues. If you are facing notification issues with multiple accounts, you can repeat the same process for all of them.


9 Select Account Min


Step 5: As next, click on the Notifications option.


10 Notifications Min


Step 6: On the Notifications menu that pops up, choose the radio button associated with the All option.


11 All Min


Step 7: As next, click on the Inbox notifications option.


12 Inbox Notifications Min


Step 8: On the Inbox notifications screen, click on the Sync messages option.


13 Sync Min


Step 9: For the Sync Inbox setting also, choose the All option.


14 Sync All Min


Step 10: When you are back at the Inbox notifications screen, under the Notifications section, check the checkboxes corresponding to the options Label notifications and Notify for every message. That’s it.


15 Enable Notifications Min


Please tell us in the comments section whether you are successfully getting the Gmail notifications now, after following the solutions in our article.

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