25 Free Portable Software to make your USB a swiss Knife

Portable apps are loved these days by everyone, But what exactly is a portable application. An application is called portable, if it does not require any installation and it does not change any settings or leave any trace on the Computer on which it runs. Now, this is a Boon for Privacy concerned people and persons afraid to install anything on their computer as they are afraid of bundled viruses and crapwares.


Advantages of Portable Apps

  • No installation Required at all.
  • This program folder contains everything needed to run the application. No files needded further to be downloaded or installed further on the host computer.
  • App settings are saved inside the program folder of the apps. Thus if the this folder is moved, the settings also comes along with you.
  • The application does not alter anything on the host PC including the Windows registry.

Top Portable apps which you should always keep in Your Pen Drive

  1. Mozilla Portable- No introduction required
  2. Thunderbird Portable- Email Client
  3. uTorrent – For the downloading needs
  4. 7-Zip For extracting all kind of files
  5. Java – Make use of java runtime environment on the go without installing
  6. VLC  – The Godlike Open source media software
  7. Audacity – Audio editor tool
  8. tencoder – Video converting tool
  9. Gimp – Image editing tool
  10. 2048 – Ofcourse how will you pass your time on Your friend’s boring PC
  11. Filezilla – For file transfer between server and PC
  12. Free Download manager 
  13. iron portable Browser – Portable alternative to chrome and based on the same source code chromium on which chrome is based.
  14. eraser – Securely and permanently delete your data
  15. Notepad++  – A Kickass Notepad for web developers and Programmers
  16. Open Office – Biggest MS Office alternative on earth
  17. Kaspersky TDSSKiller – Portable anti virus
  18. AbiWord – Free Open source word processor
  19. MetaPad – Portable Notepad
  20. Foxit – LightWeight Pdf Reader
  21. Irfan View – View, scan and convert images
  22. angry ipscanner – Blazing Fast Network Scanner
  23. Putty – SSH Client
  24. WinScp –  A More Secure alternative to Filezilla
  25. rufus – Create Bootable USB device