Fix Windows 10/11 doesn’t have a network profile for this device error

Some devices like speakers and printers use the network of the system and thus their connectivity expects a certain network profile to be there on the system. If the system lacks the required network profile, the user would get the following error while trying to connect the system to the device:

Windows doesn’t have a network profile for this device error.

Solution 1] Allow your PC to be discoverable

1] Click on the Start button and then on the gear-like symbol to open the Settings page.


Settings Start


2] Go to Network and Internet >> WiFi

Network And Internet



3] Click on the name of your network.

Click On Name Of The Network


4] Change the Network profile to Private.

Set Network Profile To Private

5] Save the settings and restart the system

Solution 2] Check SNMP service

1 – Press Windows key and S to open search

2 -Now, write Services in it and click Services from search.

Services 1 Min

3 – Now, Locate SNMP Trap service and double click on it

4 – Now, Set the startup type to Automatic from dropdown

5 -Click on Start to start the service.

6  -Click Apply and OK

Snmp Trap Min


Solution 3] Update Network driver

1 – Search NCPA.CPL in windows search and click on search result

Ncpa Cpl1 Min


2 – Right click on your network adapter and click Properties

Properties Network Min


3 – Click on Configure

Configure Min


4 – Click on driver Tab

5 – Now, click on update driver

6 – Now, click search automatically option and update the driver

Updatenetwork Min

Solution 4] Check the compatibility / Update / Troubleshoot

Certain devices do not work with certain systems since they lack the same Network profile compatibility that we are discussing here. Consult your device manufacturer or check their website for information on the same.


1] Update Windows: Windows 10 might not recognise the settings of a new device and in such a case it would cause this error. Updating Windows could help fix the issue in this case.

Check For Updates


2] Run the Network Connections troubleshooter. Go to Settings >> Updates and Security >> Troubleshoot.


Select the Network Connections troubleshooter.


Network Adapter Troubleshooter


Thereafter, proceed with the following troubleshooting steps: