Fix: Windows 10 stuck in Tablet Mode problem in Windows 10

Is your Windows 10 device stuck up in Tablet Mode? Even restarting the device is not helping? Don’t worry. This error occurs sometimes due to glitches or bugs in Windows 10. You need to attempt these fixes on your computer and the problem will be solved quickly.

Fix-1 Disable the Tablet Mode from Settings-

Disabling Tablet Mode from Settings will set your device to run in desktop mode only.

1. To open the Settings window press Windows key+I.

2. Click on “System” settings to open System Settings.


System Settings


3. In the Settings window, on the left-hand side, scroll down and then click on “Tablet mode“.

4. Under Table Mode, click on ‘When I sign in‘ and then click on “Use the desktop mode” to choose it from the drop-down.


Tablet Mode Dekstop Mode


Close Settings window.

Restart your computer. After rebooting your computer,  your computer will be restarted on the desktop.

If you continue to face the error, go for our next fix.


Fix-2 Modify Registry Editor-

Modifying the registry editor on your computer will solve this issue.

1. Click on Search box beside which is beside the Windows icon and type “regedit“.

2. Then you have to click on the “Registry Editor” in the elevated search result.


Register Option


This will open the Registry Editor.

3. In the Registry Editor window, click on “File” on the menu-bar and then click on “Export“.

4. Now, save this file in a secure location.


Export Registry


This step was to create a backup of the registry on your computer.

5. In Registry Editor window, simply go to this location on the left-hand side-


6. On the right-hand side of the Registry Editor window, double click on “SignInMode” to edit the value.


Double Click On Signin Mode


7. In Edit D-Word (32-bit) Value window, click on “Hexadecimal” to select the base.

8. Now, you need to set the Value Data to “1” and after that, you need to click on “OK“.


Sign In Mode


9. Now, double click on the “TabletMode” value to edit it.


Tablet Mode Double Click


10. In Edit D-Word (32-bit) Value window, at first click on “Hexadecimal” to choose the base.

11. Now, set the Value Data to “0” and then click on “OK“.


Tablet Mode Value Data


Once you have modified the registry, close the Registry Editor window.

Reboot your computer to save the changes.

After rebooting, your computer should open in desktop mode. Your problem should be solved.