Fix: Next and Previous Pictures Not Showing in Microsoft Photos on Windows 11

Microsoft Photos app in Windows collects all the photos present on your PC and makes them available at one location so that it is easier to find the photos you are searching for. The app enables the user to not just have a look at the photos but also alter them according to their needs. When you open a photo using this app, there will be controls using which you can move to the previous or next photo without having to go back to your folder containing them.

However, many users have reported encountering a problem with viewing the next and previous photos in the Photos app on their Windows PC. Some users have reported that the next and previous buttons in the app stop working and they are not able to navigate among the photos using the cursor keys on the keyboard as well.

Are you facing this issue with the Microsoft App on your Windows PC? Then, this is the post that will help you with solutions successfully tried by other users to resolve this issue with the Photos app.

Fix 1 – Make Changes in Folder Search Options


1. Just press and hold the Windows + E key combination on your keyboard to open the File Explorer.

At the top of the File Explorer, click on the three-dot menu and choose Options.


File Explorer Options Min


2. This will open the Folder Options window for you.

Click on the Search tab to select it.

3. Here, check the box associated with Don’t use the index when searching in file folders for system files (searches might take longer).

Click on Apply and then on OK to confirm and save the changes.


Folder Options Search Check Dont Use Index For Search Min


4. Now, launch the Photos app and check if you are able to navigate to the next and previous photos without any issue.

Fix 2 – Remove Photo Properties and Personal Information


1. Go to the folder containing the photos that you were trying to view.

Here, press Ctrl + A to select all the pictures in this folder.

Now, right-click and choose Properties in the context menu.


Select Photos Right Click Properties Min


2. You will be in the Properties window.

Go to the Details tab.

Here, click on the link Remove Properties and Personal Information at the bottom of this window.


Pictures Properties Remove Properties Personal Info Min


3. In the Remove Properties window, select the radio button associated with the option Remove the following properties from this file.

Make sure to uncheck the option Date taken if it is checked.

Then, click on OK to remove the properties.


Remove Properties From File Uncheck Date Taken Min


4. Back in the Photos Properties window, click on OK to save the changes.

Open the Photos app and check if the problem is fixed.




Fix 3 – Reset the Photos App


1. Press Windows + I to open the Windows Settings page.

Here, choose the Apps tab on the left side.

Move over to the right and select the box labeled Apps & features.


Settings Apps Features Min


2. Scroll down on this page to look for the App list.

In the text box below the App list, type photos to search for the app in the list of applications installed on your PC.

3. Click on the three vertical dots at the right end that is associated with the Microsoft Photos app.

In the menu that opens, select Advanced options.


Apps Features Photos App Advanced Options Min


4. On this Advanced options page for the Photos app, scroll and find the Repair section.

Here, click on the Reset button.

On the prompt that pops up, click on the Reset button again.


Photos Advanced Options Reset App Min


This will restore the app to its default settings.

5. Restart your computer after the reset operation is complete.

Now, check and see if navigation among photos is working in the Photos app.

Fix 4 –  Select all the photos

Select all the photos inside the folder and then Hit enter Key from the keyboard.

Fix 5 – Click Slideshow option and then exit from

1 – In Photos app , Just click on three horizontal dots and click on slideshow.

2 – Now, Once the slideshow opens up, come out of it by pressing Esc key from your PC.

Screenshot 2022 05 07 172540 Min


Thanks for reading.


Navigation to the next and previous pictures must now be working in the Photos app. We hope this article has helped your resolve the issue with the Microsoft Photos app on your Windows 11 PC. Please let us know the fix that worked for you in the comments below.