[Fix:] FFmpeg Library Missing problem in Audacity

Did you know that AAC(Advanced Audio Coding) file plays way better than MP3 or WAV files and also it has the best audio quality than other formats? Therefore, it is used by default in iTunes and is compatible with all the players which supports MP3 file format. But if you want to edit the .AAC audio file in Audacity software, it will throw “FFmpeg Library Missing” error while opening the file and you will not be able to proceed from there. This article will guide you on how to solve this error.


Steps to Fix FFmpeg Library Missing Error in Audacity

Step 1: Open Audacity software by pressing Win logo Key from your keyboard and type Audacity.

Hit the Enter key.

Open Audacity New

Note:- Audacity is an opensource software which you can download for free if its not installed on your system.

Step 2: Try to open the .AAC audio file.

Click File from Menu bar and then, Click Open as shown below.

Or you can also press CTRL + O together on keyboard.

Open Audio File Audacity New

Step 3: Select the .AAC audio file by browsing through your system.

Click the audio file and then, Click OK.


Select Aac Audio File Audacity Min


Step 4: As soon as you select the file, it will throw an error “FFmpeg Library is missing”  like shown in the following screenshot.


Ffmpeg Lib Missing Error Audacity

Step 5: To add the FFmpeg Library, Click Edit and Then Select Preferences as shown.


Preferences From Edit Audacity

Step 6: In the Preferences window, Go to Libraries on the left side panel.

Then, you can see FFmpeg library not found is shown in the FFmpeg library version.

Now, Click Download.

Libraries Preferences Audacity New Min


Step 7: Now it will take you to installing FFmpeg library updating site.

Ffmpeg Lib Download Page Min

Then, Click on Installing the FFmpeg Import/Export Library on Windows.

Navigate To Ffmpeg Library Download

Step 8: Next, Click Installing FFmpeg for Windows.

Step2 To Navigate Ffmpeg Library Audacity Min

Then, Click on FFmpeg download page as shown below.

Note:- Please close the Audacity application before clicking the download page.

Go To Ffmpeg Lib Downloads Page Min

Step 9: Search for Windows(R) FFmpeg Installer on the page.

Then, Click on FFmpeg v2.2.2 INSTALLER (.EXE).

Ffmpeg Lib Installer Exe Audacity

Step 10: Once the Installer exe file is downloaded.

Click Open to continue the install process of FFmpeg library as shown below.


Open The Installer Ffmpeg Lib

Step 11: User Account Control window will ask you whether you want to continue or not?

Please Click Yes and continue with the installation process and perform the onscreen instructions.

Installer Confirm Window Ffmpeg Lib

Step 12: Now Restart the Audacity application.

Then, Click on Edit and then, Preferences.

Preferences From Edit Audacity

In the Preferences window, Click Libraries on the left side.

On the right side, you can see the FFmpeg Library version displayed as below.

Ffmpeg Lib Confirmed New

Step 12: Now if you try to open the .AAC audio file, it will get opened in the Audacity.

Aac Audio File Audacity

This way you can fix the FFmpeg library missing problem in Audacity.

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