How to Sort Data by Color using Filter in Google Sheets

Google Sheets is one of the easiest way to create a spreadsheet online which offers a wide range of options to manipulate data. Google Sheets allows you not only to sort your data alphabetically from A-Z in either ascending or descending order but also sort data based on fill color or text color as well. This provides you to organize your data sheet effortlessly and makes your work easy. In this article, we will show you how to sort your data based on color using filter in Google Sheets.

How to Sort Data by Fill Color in Google Sheets

Step 1: Open the saved Google Sheet from your drive.

Step 2: After you open the spreadsheet, you should select a row which you need to fill color as shown below.

Select The Row To Fill Color Google Sheets Min

Step 3: After selecting the row, Click on Fill color icon below the Menu bar.

Then, Click on a color you like to fill into the row as given below.

Select The Fill Color For Row Google Sheets Min

Step 4: Create a Filter.

First of all, Select a particular column head or you can select the Entire datasheet by pressing CTRL + A together from you keyboard.

Then, Click on Data > Create a Filter.

Create Filter Google Sheets Min

Step 5: Now that you have data rows with different colors, you can go for sorting the data using fill color.

To do that, Click on the filter icon on column header you want to sort by.

Then, go for Sort by color > Fill Color > light yellow 3 (for example)

Note:- You can select any color you want to sort it with.

Sort By Fill Color Google Sheets Min


Step 6: You can see that the entire data sheet is sorted by color accordingly.

Sorted Data Rows Google Sheets


How to Sort Data by Text Color in Google Sheets

Step 1: Open the saved Google Sheet from your drive.

Step 2: Select the entire row whose text color you want to change.

Select The Row To Fill Color Google Sheets Min

Step 3: After selecting the row, Click on Text color icon on the bar.

Select any color you want.


Change Text Color Google Sheet Min

Step 4: Now you can notice that the selected row text color has been changed.

Text Color Changed Google Sheets

Step 5: Next, Click on the Filter icon on any Header column.

Navigate through Sort by Color > Text Color > red. (for example)

Note:- Choose any text color you want from the colors given to the texts.

Sort By Text Color Google Sheets Min


Step 6: Upon clicking the text color, your data sheet will be sorted as shown below.

Sorted By Text Color Google Sheets

How to Reset the Google Spreadsheet after Sort by Color

Sometimes after sorting the data sheet, you might need the data in the order which was entered initially. But just by clicking UNDO button or CTRL +Z from your keyboard might do the trick if the sorting was done few minutes ago. After the file is closed and reopened, you cannot get the initial google spreadsheet by undo button. So we will guide you with the solution on how to get it back step by step.

Step 1: Add a column with name “Serial No” and enter the numbers one by one in ascending order as shown below.

Note:- It is always a good practice to add a column with serial number for each row while entering the data in the sheet from the beginning.

Serial Number Column Google Sheets

Step 2: To get the initial data entries in the order, click on Serial No column filter icon.

Then, Click  Sort A → Z from the dropdown list as shown below.


Get Initial Data After Sorting Google Sheets Min

Step 3: After clicking the Sort A → Z, you can see the data sheet before it was sorted.

Data Sheet Before Sorting Google Sheets

This is how you can sort the data sheet by fill color, text color and also get the original data sheet back after sorting.

Hope this article was helpful and informative.

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