Fix: Fatal Error – Coordinator Returned -1 in Windows 11 / 10

Many of the Windows 11 and Windows 10 users have reported that they receive a dialog box that says Fatal Error – Coordinator Returned -1 frequently. Generally this happens right after Windows boots up. Though this error message leaves no trace on what exactly causes this issue, it has been observed that the error message comes on machines where Zoom application is installed. So it is definitely worth a try to remove Zoom application and see if you are getting this error after that. Another possible reason is the presence of a file called launch.bat in the Startup.

In this article, we have detailed 2 different methods which could potentially solve the Fatal Error – Coordinator Returned -1 issue that you are facing. Please try them one after the other.

Method 1: Re-install Zoom Application

Step 1: Launch the Run window by pressing the keys Win + R together. Type in appwiz.cpl and hit the Enter key.


1 Run Appwiz Optimized


Step 2: In the Programs and Features window, click on Zoom application and then click on the Uninstall button at the top.


2 Zoom Uninstall Optimized


Step 3: Zoom Uninstaller will now launch and remove Zoom application from your machine.


3 Zoom Uninstaller Optimized

Restart your machine and check if your issue is resolved. If it is resolved, you can get the latest compatible version of Zoom for your machine once again. Get the latest Zoom application from Zoom official website here.

Method 2: Disable launch.bat from Startup

Sometimes the issue could be caused because of a bat file called launch.bat in the Startup. If launch.bat file is present in Startup, disabling it might solve your issue.

Step 1: Right click on the Windows icon in the taskbar and click on the Task Manager option.


4 Task Manager Optimized


Step 2: Once the Task Manager launches open, click on the Startup tab. Right click on launch.bat file and then click on the Disable button from the right click context menu.


5 Disable Launch Optimized


Restart the machine and see whether you are getting the Fatal Error – Coordinator Returned -1 message anymore.

Hope you found the article useful.