Fix Error 0x80010135 path too long while extracting a ZIP file in Windows 10 / 11

While extracting one of the installation zip file in my windows 10 or windows 11  PC, i got this error saying , Error 0x80010135 path too long. what i came to know that windows cannot accept file path over 260 characters. Now, we do not have control over the files contained inside the ZIP file, as they are not yet extracted and thus we can not rename them to get rid of this Error 0x80010135. But, i can surely tell you an easy way out to fix this error instantly.

Possible causes of this error

The file path is longer than 260 characters . Your Windows system does not support file path with name longer than 260 characters.

Method 1 – Try using 7 zip

This error mainly occurs due to Long named file paths. when you use Explorer or WinZip to extract files it may throw an error which says a file path that exceeds the maximum character limit.

To resolve this issue, you may use a decompression utility such as 7-Zip, that can handle long file paths.

Method 2 – Try extracting it in root folder

While extracting,  browse the target path to drive root to make path shorter. Just click on Browse and browse to any of your Drive. Doing this will reduce the number of characters in path and then this can fall in limits specified by windows system.

Step 1 – First of all rename the file to a short version. This will reduce the parent directory file name.


path too long error fix 1



Step 2- Now, copy and move the file to C: folder . The idea is, to try extracting the file to a root folder to make path size short.

Step 3 – Now, extract your zip file in new location. You will face no problem.

Method 3 – Alter windows 10 260 character limit

You can alter the limits specified by Windows 32 API library by using registry editor.

 Step 1 – search regedit in windows 10 taskbar search.


path too long regedit


Step 2 – now go to the location given below from left menu in registry editor.


Step 3 – Now, in the right side of registry editor, find an item named LongPathsEnabled. Right click on it.


long paths enabled regedit


Step 4 – Now, selet modify and change the value from zero to 1 .


long paths enabled regedit 3


Step 5–  Finally, restart your windows 10 PC, for changes to come into effect.