How to Block a specific port in Windows 10 / 11 firewall

Whatever data computer send over your network is via a specific port. The Ports ranges from 1 to 64435. Sometimes , you may want to block a specific port on your PC, for example lets say port 25 (Hacker use this port frequently) to safeguard your computer.

Here in this article we will tell you how to block ports in firewall program of windows 10 pc. For example, in these times of malware and ransomware hitting the PCs across the world, it has become imperative to block certain ports like 139, 445 and 3389. Now, lets see how to block a specific port in windows 10 or windows 11 computer.

Block a specific port using Firewall

Step 1 –¬† Open RUN command box by pressing Windows and R key together from your keyboard

Step 2 – Now, Type wf.msc in it and click OK.

Firewall Run Min


Step 3 – In the left menu select inbound rules.

Step 4 – Now, click on the New rule option in the extreme right menu panel.



Step 5 – Now, select port and the click on next.



Step 6 – Now, choose specific local ports and enter port number there and click next.




Step 7 РNow, choose block the connection option in this page.




Step 8 – Now, in the next page leave the settings as default and again click on next.

Step 9– Finally enter any name you wish for this new rule.

Step 10– Finally click on Finish.

Thats it you have blocked the specific port on your windows 10 PC. Similarly repeat the same process and block another port you wish