How to Enable two step verification windows 10

with recent hacks on linkedin and many more to come its imperative to turn two factor authentication on for any system you don’t want to get ruined. Enabling two factor authentication distributes the risk on two virtually independent devices (Phone and PC) and thus virtually makes it impossible to get  cracked.

Here in this article i will show you how to enable two step verification for windows 10 PC. If you will enable this , no one can access your PC, unless and until he has got access to your Phone also. Lets see how it is done.

How to Turn on two step verification windows 10

Step 1: – First of all go to your microsoft account and login there.

Step 2: – Now, click on Security & Privacy.




Step 3: – Now, click on More security settings




Step 2: – Now, to verify yourself you have to get the one time security code either on your Phone or email.




Step 3 : – Now, enter the code received on your Mobile Phone and get yourself verified.

 Step 4: – Now, next screen will prompt you to go for installing an app so that you do not have to wait long for security codes. This is recommended as it will make your two factor authentication fast. Set it up now.




Step 5: – Now, select the operating system of your Phone, android , windows or iphone.



Step 6: – Once you download and install the app on your Phone, once again the verification process will take place. The Microsoft will send you verification code on your phone and you have to enter and click next to verify your phone.




Step 7 : – Once set up, click on 3 vertical dots and select accounts.

Step 8: – Now, there is the security code there which you will need to log in to your PC. Note that it refreshes itself after every 30 seconds.