How to Disable Field Shading in Microsoft Word 16

Field shading feature is a new concept which you find in the Microsoft Word 16 .It helps you to find the various fields in the documents as quickly as possible.This happens when you simply select the field or move the insertion point towards it , making the word app highlight the result of the entire field.This is essentially useful while you are viewing them in small devices like tablets or notebooks. Though it does have its own pros, it might be a distraction for a few of us and you would want to disable it at times.

When you select or place insertion point within a field,it appears shaded.When you select the entire field it becomes both shaded and highlighted.

Let us now scroll through the various steps to accomplish this.

Disable field shading feature

Step 1: Open the Microsoft Word 2016 application from the Search menu.This requires you to have downloaded the Office 16 package before. It is available as a trial version for the first month, and thereafter,you will have to subscribe for it.

Step 2: Open the Recent option that is present on the upper left corner to select the file of your choice.This contains the most recently created word files.

Screenshot (48)


Step 3: Click on the Options option by scrolling down on choosing the File options from the menu at the top.


Screenshot (44)


Step 4:

Once you click on the Options menu, the following window appears.Choose the Advanced option from the left side of the emerged window.

Screenshot (45)

When you click on to it,you will find toward the right side various Settings option like User Interface,Startup options etc, which you are free to change without any security constraints.

Step 5: Now comes the step to actually accomplish your intended task.Scroll down to the lists under the Show Document Content where you will find an option named field shading.


When you click on the text box next to it,you will be taken to three options where you will require to click on the Never option.

When you have done all these,you will never have to face the distractions of field shading anymore.Try it out!