How to Directly Convert a Number to Percentage in Excel

Let’s say you have a number 50. You want it to be converted directly to percentage, which is 50%. But if you click on the number and then hit the Percent Style icon under the Number group of the HOME tab, 50 will be converted to 5000%, which is not the desired value. So is there any way using which you can directly convert, say, 50 to 50%, or any other number for that matter? Of course you know that we are here today with an answer.

In this article, we explain in detail how you can easily convert any number to percentage with a very simple hack. Hope you enjoy reading the article.


Step 1: Let’s say you have the following column named Number with the numbers that you want to directly convert to percentages.

To be on the safer side, let’s clone these values and work on the clones. To copy the values, select the whole data range and then hit the keys CTRL + C together.


2 Copy Data Min


Step 2: As next, click on the first cell of your destination column and then hit the keys CTRL + V together.


3 Paste Min


Step 3: As next, type in 1% on any cell of your preference. Hit the Enter key, click on the cell once again, and then press the keys CTRL + C together to copy the cell value.


4 Copy Min


Step 4: Now, select the number values that you want to directly convert to percentages and then right click anywhere on the selected range of cells.

As next, from the right click context menu, click on the Paste Special option.


5 Paste Special Min


Step 5: On the Paste Special window, under the section Operation, click on the radio button corresponding to the option Multiply and then hit the OK button.


6 Multiply Min


Step 6: That’s it. You can see that your number values are now directly converted into percentages. Enjoy!


7 Coverted Min


Note: You can delete the cell with the value 1%, after the conversion is complete.

Please tell us in the comments section whether you found the article useful. Stay tuned for more wonderful tricks, tips, and hacks.