Code 35 – Your Computer’s System Firmware Does Not Include Enough Information

Some users have reported seeing  the below error in their system

Code 35 – Your Computer’s System Firmware Does Not Include Enough Information to Properly Configure and Use This Device. To Use This Device, Contact Your Computer Manufacturer to Obtain a Firmware or BIOS Update

This error signifies that the System’s hardware does not have the necessary drivers or required support to use the device. As the error message suggests, in order to resolve this issue, we have to update the BIOS in the System.

Important points to be considered

Before proceeding to update the BIOS, read the below points

  • Although updating BIOS is simple, it can be very risky, if you are not tech-savvy, it is better to take some help. The slightest of the mistake can cause permanent damage to the system.
  • During the process of Updating BIOS, please make sure you are connected to the uninterrupted power supply. Any kind of fluctuation might corrupt the BIOS.
  • Usually, the BIOS Update is different for different vendors. Make sure you download the right file from the official site only.
  • The BIOS Update that you download will be in a ZIP file. This ZIP file would also contain a Readme.txt. This would contain all the guidelines and necessary precautions that are to be taken. Make sure to read it carefully.

Steps to be followed to Update BIOS

Step 1: Visit the official website of your computer manufacturer







Step 2: Usually there will be 3 ways of updating BIOS. As the safest option, it is better to update BIOS using the upgrade assistant.

Step 3: Follow the instructions and Download the BIOS Update.

Step 4: Usually, the BIOS update is an executable file. When you double-click on it and run the file, it should open a wizard, choose Update

Once the update is done, the issue should resolve. In case the issue still persists, it is better to contact the manufacturer.


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