How to Change the Language in Google Chrome

There are a plethora of languages available on the internet, which requires assistance if you need to understand. Many browsers will automatically translate all the other languages. Even, Google allows you to change the Language in Google Chrome to English or any other language depending on your need. Let’s see in detail how this is done in this article.

Changing the Language in Google Chrome


Step 1: Click on the 3-dots present on the right side of the Chrome Browser, click on Settings. 


Chrome Settings


Step 2:Next, click on Advanced > Languages.


Chrome Adv Languages


Step 3: Click on the drop-down menu to expand the Languages.


Chrome Lang Dropdown



Step 4: To add the language, simply click on Add Languages.


Chrome Add Languages


Step 5: Now, type the language you wish to add or simply scroll down to select one.


Chrome Add Lang Scroll Down


Step 6: Once the language is added, click on the 3-dots present next to it and determine whether you want Chrome to display in that language. There will be many other options to select.





Step 7: Once done, relaunch Google Chrome.

In this way you can easily Change the Langauage of Google Chrome to English or any other preferred Language you wish for and enjoy browsing.


That’s all.

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