How To Change The Font Size Of Text On Chrome Tabs In Windows 10/11

When you open the Chrome browser do you see the font of the text in Chrome’s tab to be small? Sometimes the tab texts are so small that it is not readable. This might be because of the incompatibility issues of the Chrome version, changes in the windows settings, etc. Try updating Chrome to its latest version and check if the issue is solved else do not worry, in this article we have a few simple tips that can be applied in order to solve the issue. Let us start!

Method 1 – Use The Make Text Size Bigger Option From Windows Setting


Step 1 – Open windows settings using Windows + I keys together

Step 2 – Click on ease of access


Ease Access


Alternatively, you can type make text size bigger in the windows search bar, and click on the same from the search result to open it


Make Text Bigger


Step 3 – On the display page, under make text bigger drag the slider towards the right to increase the size. You can see the sample text varying in size and adjust the slider




Step 4 – To save the changes click on apply button. Now open Chrome and check if the font is changed.


Method 2 – Use Custom Scaling To Change The Font Size


Step 1 – Open the windows settings using Windows + I keys together

Step 2 – Click on system. Display page will open




Step 3 – Scroll down at the right and click on advanced scaling settings


Advanced Settings


Step 4 – Under the custom scaling option, type numbers between 100 – 500


Custom Scaling


Step 5 – To save the changes click on apply button

Step 6 – It may ask you to sign out to apply the changes. Then go to the chrome at check if the font size has been modified accordingly.


Method 3 – Use The Customize Font Option To Change The Font Size


Step 1 – Open the chrome browser and click on the three dots at the top right corner

Step 2 – From the appeared list click on settings




Step 3 – Then in the opened window, at the left click on appearance




Step 4 – There appears the font size option at the right. In its dropdown select the necessary font size required by you like very small, small, medium, large, very large



Font Size


Step 5 – Also click on customize fonts


Customize Fonts


Step 6 – You can move the font size slider from tiny till huge as per your requirement




Step 7 – And there are various other option that you can choose as well. Then see if the font size in Chrome tab has changed.


Method 4 – Run Chrome In Compatibilty Mode


Step 1 – Right click on the Chrome icon from your desktop or wherever it is placed in your computer

Step 2 – Then click on properties




Step 3 – Go to the compatibility tab

Step 4 – Under compatibilty mode section, enable Run this program in compatibility for option (a tick mark should be present in the checkbox)

Step 5 – From its dropdown select the previous Windows version from the list




Step 6 – To save the changes click on apply and ok. Now check if the issue is solved.


Method 5 – Use Zoom In And Zoom Out Option


Though zoom options enlarge the font size but sometimes the Chrome tab text remains the same but anyways give it a try and check if the texts are readable.

Try to zoom in and out and check if the font size suits you. Try the following steps

Press the Ctrl + ‘+’ keys together from the keyboard to increase the size of the text on the browser page

Press the Ctrl + Shift + ‘+’ keys together to increase the tab or the menu size

To decrease the size you can use Ctrl + ‘-‘ and Ctrl + Shift + ‘-‘ respectively.


That’s it! I hope the above provided information is helpful and easy to follow. Let us know which method worked for you. Thank you and happy reading!!