How to Change Default Speakers on Windows 11 PC

There are many ways to connect speakers to your system and you can also connect more than two speakers at a time either wirelessly or wired. Usually people try to connect speakers through AUX cable and wirelessly through bluetooth at a time. If there are more than two speakers connected to a system, then the audio is played on a default speaker set on the system. So in this article we will guide you on how to manage the default speakers settings in windows 11 system.

How to Manage Default Speakers Settings from Sound Settings

Step 1: Open the Sound setting window

Press Win + I keys on your keyboard

Then, go to System > Sound as shown below.

Settings System Sound Min


Right-Click on volume icon on the taskbar and Click Sound settings from the context menu.


Sound Settings From Taskbar

Step 2: In the Sound settings window

Click on the speaker listed under Output which you want to set as default.

Sound Settinggs Select Speaker

Step 3: In the Device Properties page

Click on Not used as a default dropdown button in the Set as default sound device option.

Not Used As Default Button Win11

Step 4: Select any from the dropdown list.

Either you can set it as default for audio output or for communications through app (eg:- GoogleMeet, MS Teams etc.).

So, Click Use as default for audio or for communications from the list as shown below.

Use As Default For Audio Or Communications Win11

Then Close all the windows.

Now you can use the speakers used as default without any worries.

How to Manage Default Speakers Settings from Control Panel

Step 1: Open control panel

Press Win + R keys together on your keyboard and type control.

Hit the enter key.

Run Control Panel Min

Step 2: In the Control panel

Click on Hardware and Sound as shown below.


Hardware And Sound Control Panel Win11

Step 3: In the Hardware and Sound window

Click on Manage audio devices under Sound as shown below.

Manage Audio Devices Control Panel Win11

Step 4: This opens the Sound settings window

Click on the speaker which you want to set as default.

Then, Click on down arrow in Set default button.

You can choose either to set as Default Device or Default Communication Device.

Click OK to make changes and close the window.


Set Default Speakers Sound Control Panel Win11

This will set the default speakers for your windows 11 system.

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