How to change Default Profile for Windows Terminal Application in Windows 11

The Windows Terminal Application in Windows 11 is freely available to download from the Microsoft store. This application lets the users to run their commands through many tools like Windows PowerShell, Command Prompt etc. at a time. But while adding the new profile, it doesn’t prompt to ask for profile instead it opens up default profile in the windows terminal application. So if you want to a particular command tool to set as default then this article will guide on how to change the Default profile for Windows Terminal in Windows 11 PC.

Steps to follow to change Default Profile for Windows Terminal Application

Step 1: Open the Windows Terminal application

Press Win + R keys together on your keyboard to open run dialog box.

Type wt and hit Enter key.

Open Windows Terminal App From Run Dialog Win11

NOTE: If you do not have windows terminal application on your system, you can download it from Microsoft store application for free.

Step 2: In the Windows Terminal app

Click on Down arrow mark icon on the title bar of the application.

Then, Click Settings from the dropdown list as shown below.

Open Settings Windows Terminal Win11

Step 3: Click on the down arrow sign to see the profiles listed as shown here.

Default Profile Settings Icon Windows Terminal Win11

Step 4: Then, Select the profile which you want to set as default one.


Select Default Profile From List Settings Win Terminal

Step 5: After selecting the default profile from the list, please Click Save button at the bottom of the window as shown below.

Save After Select Default Profile Win Terminal

After saving, you can notice that the new window opens up in the default profile selected by you.

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