Fix: Backup error code 0x80070032 on Windows 11 / 10

Windows Operating System occasionally shows up the error code 0x80070032 when you try to automatically backup the system files and folders, or when you try to move your hard disk to take the backup. The error message reads as follows,

Sorry, but it didn’t work. To learn more, look for error code 0x80070032

There are a numerous reasons that can contribute for such errors to arise in the syatem. This includes situations where there is not enough space on your drive or syatem, sometimes this may occur as a result of hardware issues. If you are also facing this issue, this article will help you resolve the error in which we jotted down some fixes.

Fix 1: Delete old backups


Step 1: Press Win+I keys to open the Settings Page.

Step 2: Click on System.


System Min


Step 3: Scroll down to click on About.


System About Min


Step 4: Now, Click on System Properties.


System Protection Min


Step 5: In the appearing window, under the System Protection tab, click on Configure.


System Configure Min


Step 6: Simply click on Delete button. Make sure you check the radio button aganist Turn on System Protection.


Delete Backup Min


Step 7: Finally, after the process is completed and click on Apply.

Step 8: Restart your system.

Fix 2: Perform a system restore

Step 1: In the taskbar search tab, type Create a System Restore point and hit Enter.


Create Restorepoint Min


Step 2: In the appearing window, Click on System Restore.


System Restre Min


Step 3: The System Restore window opens, click on Next.


System Restore Min


Step 4: Select the restore point you wish for and click on Next.


Sytem Restore1 Min


Step 5: Finally, click on Finish.


System Restore2 Min


Step 6:  An appering window will appear asking for permission, click on Yes.


Permission System Restore Min


Step 7: Restart your system.


Fix 3: Reset the PC and take backup

Step 1: In the taskbar search tab, type Reset this PC and hit Enter.


Reset This Pc Min


Step 2: Now, click on Reset PC.


Reset This Pc Min


Step 3: Select either Remove Everything or Keep all my files to start the reset process.


Reset Pc1 Min


Step 4: Now, select either cloud Reset or Local Reset.


Reset Pc2 Min


Step 5: Next, follow the on-creen instructions to finally click on Reset option.


Reset1 Min


After trying out the above fix, make sure you create the backup using the Robust Backup and Restore tool. To do this follow the steps given below,

Step 1: In the taskbar search tab, type Control Panel and hit Enter.


Control Panel Min[1]


Step 2: Click on Backup and Restore ( Windows 7) under System and Security.


Backup Min


Step 3: Now, click on Set up Backup.

Backup1 Min


Step 4: In the appearing window, select the drive you like to take the backup. (Here, I have selected D Drive)


Backup2 Min


Step 5: Now, select either Let Windows Decide or Let me choose in the appearing window and click Next.


Backup3 Min


Step 6: Select the items you want to backup and click on Next.


Backup4 Min


Step 7: Follow the on screen instructions and click on Save Settings and Backup.


Backup5 Min


Step 8: The backup will start. It may take sometime to complete the process.


Backup6 Min


That’s all.

Hope this article is useful and informative.

Thanks for Reading.