AssistiveTouch is Off Unable to Download Apps on iPhone [Solved]

Without being able to download and use any apps on the iPhone is the most terrifying and disappointing thing. These days many iPhone users are getting an error while trying to download and install any application from the App Store on their iPhones. They got an error message that says as below.

AssistiveTouch is Off

To confirm with Face ID, turn on AssistiveTouch in Settings.

When they tried to proceed, they were asked to confirm with AssistiveTouch instead of Face ID which is causing this problem.

Don’t worry if you are also facing this issue, we have compiled a bunch of solutions in the article below that will help resolve this issue easily.

Preliminary Fix

Force Restart your iPhone

Sometimes, when there is some minor technical glitch within the iPhone, it can cause such problems as discussed above. Therefore, try force restarting the iPhone using the steps below.

Step 1: First of all, in order to force restart your iPhone, you have to press the volume up button once and release it.

Step 2: After that, you need to press the volume down button and quickly release it.

Step 3: Next, press the power button of your iPhone for around 10 seconds till you see the Apple logo sign on the screen.

After the iPhone restarts, check if the issue still persists or not.

Update your iPhone

Many a time iPhone users are amazed to see that the issues they were facing with their iPhones just disappeared after they updated their iPhones.

This could certainly be possible since the updates always carry improvements and it also resolves any software bugs found within the iPhone. So we recommend users update their iPhones by going to Settings > General > Software Update. This page searches for any update and loads it. If you find any updates available for your iPhone, please download and install them on your iPhone.


Download And Install Iphone 11zon


Fix 1 – Turn Off the Confirm with AssistiveTouch option

On iPhone, you may find an option called Confirm with AssistiveTouch which when enabled causes such problems on the iPhones. So try disabling it on your iPhone using the steps below and see if this helps.

Step 1: You have to open the Settings page first on your iPhone.

Step 2: Select the Accessibility option by tapping on it on the Settings page as shown below.


Accessibility 11zon


Step 3: Then select the Touch option by clicking on it.


Touch 11zon


Step 4: Now you have to click on the AssistiveTouch option at the top of the Accessibility page as shown in the image below.


Open Assistivetouch 11zon


Step 5: Once the AssistiveTouch page opens, scroll it down to its bottom.

Step 6: Disable the Confirm with AssistiveTouch option by clicking on its toggle button to grey color to turn it off as shown below.


Disable Confirm With Assistivetouch 11zon


Step 7: After it is disabled, go to your app store and see if you are able to download any apps without any issues.

Step 8: If you are still having the same issue, disable the AssistiveTouch option at the top of the page by tapping on its toggle switch.


Disable Assistivetouch 11zon


Step 9: When it gets disabled, wait for some time and then turn it on by again tapping on its toggle switch as shown in the below screenshot.


Enable Assistivetouch 11zon


Fix 2 – Use AssistiveTouch to Pay

Some users have found this method very useful and we believe you too will be able to download any apps without any difficulty by following the steps below.

NOTE – Ensure the AssistiveTouch feature is enabled on your iPhone.

Step 1: Open the App Store on your iPhone.


Open App Store 11zon (1)


Step 2: After that, search for any app you would like to download and install.

Step 3: While downloading and installing, it might ask you to confirm with AssistiveTouch.

Step 4: Now you have to tap on the AssistiveTouch circle on the screen.

Step 5: Select the Device option by tapping on it as shown below.


Device Assisitvetouch Panel 11zon


Step 6: There is an option called More with a three-dot icon as shown and you need to click on it.


More Options Assisitvetouch Panel 11zon


Step 7: Now at the bottom left side, click on the Apple Pay option as shown in the below screenshot.


Pay With Apple Pay 11zon


Fix 3 – Reset All Settings

When none of the above fixes helped in resolving this issue, you can certainly try this method called reset all settings which will reset all the iPhone settings without deleting any data from your iPhone. Follow the steps below on how to do it.

Step 1: First of all, you have to go to the Settings page and click on the General option to open it as shown below.


General Settings 11zon


Step 2:  Now scroll down the general page to its bottom and tap on the Transfer or Reset iPhone option as shown below.


Transfer Or Reset Iphone 11zon


Step 3: Select the Reset option by tapping on it.


Reset Iphone 11zon


Step 4: Click on the Reset All Settings option from the popped-up list to select it


Reset All Settings 11zon


Step 5: There appears a prompt on the screen and you may have to enter the passcode for authenticating for resetting all settings on the iPhone.


Passcode 11zon


Step 6: After entering the passcode, confirm it by tapping on Reset All Settings.


Confirm Reset All Settings 11zon


After you have reset all settings on your iPhone, check if this fix worked or not.