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  1. Bill says

    I used ClipMate for years until I noticed that once your clip DB becomes large ( > 3G ), the software becomes unstable. Switched over to ClipCache 2 years ago. Great software, check it out.
    The power of both these programs is that it allows me to save collections of clips in folders.

  2. Ryan says

    ClipMate is by far the most powerful clipboard manager ever developed. I have been using it for decades.

    However, you list the price as “free.” But on their website they say it’s about $35 US. Why do you say it is free?

  3. Donald L Wilson says

    Very well written, excellent detail about each of the clipboard managers! Thank you for taking the time to prepare this list that saves all of us a lot of wasted time searching for the right one!

  4. Thierry says

    I’m looking for a Clipboard Manager that has the option to simulate typing while pasting the text.
    Inserting text during a demo would come more naturally (even if people would notice the speed might appear too fast to be true), while speeding up the demonstration.
    The tool would preferably have shortcuts and a text expander.
    Can you hint some choices?