12 Things Microsoft copied from Apple

I owned a PC in the age old era and then I purchased a MacBook. That was year 2008-09, when Windows operating system were like poor cousins of OS X. Instantly I fell in love with the Apple OS and I left the Windows world for a while.

I again purchased a Dell with pre-loaded Windows 7 OS and I was pleasantly surprised by the marked improvement of the OS by Microsoft. It has become much more stable, easier and faster to use and at the same time the look and feel were quite great.

So when Windows 10 was launched, I was quite excited and upgraded instantly. I liked this offering from Microsoft as well. But I can’t miss the features that Microsoft has so conveniently copied from the OS environment. I am listing some of those, and you as a reader are free to add more to the list.

1. Free upgrades

One of the biggest pain in the A$$ for Microsoft has been the piracy issue, so they played a masterstroke by providing free upgrade to Windows 10. Or was it just following its closest competitor who have been doing it since a long time.

2. Spotlight becomes Search box in the bottom left corner


One of the most awesome feature of OS X is the Spotlight. Windows have introduced the search bar in the bottom left corner that offers the same features as Spotlight including unit conversion.

3. Calculator function of Spotlight

In Spotlight, apart from searching for stuffs you can also perform basic calculations. The same has been provided in the Windows search function.

4. Siri becomes Cortana

Just say ‘Hey Cortana’ instead of ‘Hey Siri’. Do I need to say more?

5. Track pad that perfroms multiple functions

depending upon how many fingers you are using. With the latest MacBook it even recognized the amount of pressure that you put and accordingly perform various functions. Now waiting for that in Windows laptops.

6. Entry into the Hardware market

Well the name says Microsoft, so there was nothing really hard about the organizations until they decided to follow the suit of their nearest competitor and enter the hardware business.

7. Right click using two fingers

One of the problems that every MacBook users faced initially was to perform a right click. It involved very judicious tapping of two fingers one after the other. Once you mastered it, the force was with you. I knew that it is not there in my Dell, or was it there!

Out of habit I once accidently tapped the trackpad in MacBook style and there it was, sitting pretty tight there ‘the right click menu’.

8. Continuity Continuum

Seriously who is deciding the names at Microsoft. First it was ‘Hey Cortana’ for ‘Hey Siri’ and now this. With Continuity feature a user can simply start a task in his Mac and then continue it in iPad or iPhone, without disrupting the task. Continuum offers almost the same functions and almost the same name.

9. Did you just said Aero Peek is so cool. Well I admit it, because it is again based on Expose feature of OS X.

10. Virtual desktops – I am not going to explain it.

11. Dock for commonly used items has become the taskbar thing.

12. Parental control