[Fixed] We Can’t Reach the Windows Insider Program Right Now in Windows 11

Earlier only software developers got to get a feel of the pre-release builds of the Windows versions. Thanks to the Windows Insider Program, now anyone who has a licensed version of Windows gets to experience new Windows releases before they officially hit the market. Even though Windows Insider Program is mostly error-free, some users have been getting the We can’t reach the Windows Insider Program right now. Please try again later or check the forum for info error message lately.

Please try out the methods listed here one by one, to learn how you can easily fix this Windows Insider Program error.

Method 1: By Enabling Diagnostic and Feedback

Step 1: Press the Win and I keys together to launch the Settings app.

In the left window pane, click on Privacy & security. In the right window pane, click on the tab Diagnostics & feedback.


1 Diagnostic Feedback Optimized


Step 2: Now, turn the toggle button On for the option Send optional diagnostic data.


2 Send Optional Data Optimized


Once the Send optional diagnostic data option is enabled, restart the machine and see if your issue is resolved.

Method 2: By Getting Latest Windows Updates

Most of the issues in Windows 11 can be resolved just by getting the latest Windows updates.

To get the latest Windows updates, launch the Settings app by pressing the keys Win + I at once.

Once it launches, click on the Windows Update tab in the left window pane, and in the right window pane, click on Download now or Install now button as shown in the Windows Update screen in your machine.


3 Windows Updates Optimized


Once the updates are all downloaded and installed, restart your machine and check if your issue is resolved.

Method 3: By Opting for Explicit Permission

In this method, we are going to make a slight change to your Registry settings. It is highly recommended to always take a backup of your registry settings before you make any changes to it. 

Once you have taken the registry backup, follow the steps below to solve the Windows Insider Program issue.

Step 1: Launch the Run window by pressing the Win and R keys simultaneously. Once it opens, type in regedit and hit Enter key.


4 Run Regedit Optimized


Step 2: In the Registry Editor navigation bar, copy-paste the following URL and hit the Enter key.


As next, right-click on DataCollection folder and then click on Permissions.


5 Permissions Optimized


Step 3: In the Permissions for DataCollection window, click on the Advanced button.


6 Advanced Optimized


Step 4: Now at the top of the window, make sure the Owner is SYSTEM. If not, you can click on the Change button to change it to System.

Then click on the button Disable inheritance at the bottom.


7 Disable Inheritance Optimized


Step 5: As next, click on the option Convert inherited permissions into explicit permissions on this object.


8 Convert Permissions Optimized


Step 6: Finally, click on Enable inheritance button first, then on Apply button, and then on the Ok button.


9 Enable Inheritance Optimized


Hopefully, your issue should now be resolved. Please tell us in the comments if you are stuck at any of the steps or if you are still facing the issue.