Where does Windows 11 Store Device Drivers

A huge number of issues in Windows operating system can be resolved by updating or reinstalling device drivers. You might have wondered at least once where these drivers are getting stored in your Windows 11. Well, look nowhere, you are at the right place! Read on to discover the hidden location where the device drivers are stored in your machine.

Windows device drivers are stored in a folder called DriverStore in windows 11. This is a protected folder. Following steps explain how you can access the DriverStore folder.

Step 1: Launch the Run window by pressing WIN + R keys together. Copy-paste the following path and hit OK button.


Note: If your Windows 11 operating system is installed in any drive other than C, then please replace the drive letter.


1 Run Driver Location Optimized


Step 2: That’s it. You have perfectly landed on the DriverStore folder in File Explorer.

However, DriverStore is the parent folder and the actual folders and present inside another folder inside DriverStore folder, called FileRepository. Double click on it to enter the FileRepository folder.


2 File Repo Folder Optimized


Step 3: Inside FileRepository folder, you can see multiple folders. These folders contain all the drivers installed in your machine.


3 Inside File Repo Optimized


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Hope you found the article useful.