How to find if your Windows 11 PC has Bluetooth Device

Bluetooth is one of the modes of transferring files from one device to another wirelessly. Bluetooth technology was first launched around in the year 1999. Bluetooth device needs to pair with another bluetooth device which is in the range of 10 meters, in order to build connection between them to transfer files at the rate of around 1MBps. If you are using a desktop computer, then you might need to add Bluetooth adapter in order to use Bluetooth technology and majority of the laptops have in built bluetooth feature. But you need to turn on the Bluetooth device before using them, so you need to know if it is present in your system. In this article, we will show you in many ways how to check if your system has bluetooth device.


Method 1: Check for Bluetooth via Settings app

Step 1: Open Settings app

Press Win + I keys together on your keyboard.

Step 2: In the Settings app window

Click Bluetooth & devices as shown below.

Bluetooth & Devices Settings App Win11

Step 3: In the Bluetooth & devices

You can see there is an option to turn on / off the Bluetooth.

You can also add any bluetooth device nearby after turning it on.

Bluetooth Turn On Or Off Win11

By this method also you can check if there is bluetooth on your system.

Method 2: Check for Bluetooth on your system via Device Manager

Step 1: Open Device Manager

Press Win key and type device manager on your keyboard.

Then, Click Device Manager from the search results as shown below.

Open Device Managr Win11

Step 2: In the Device manager page

Search for Bluetooth and Click on it.

Under Bluetooth, it will list the Bluetooth adapter (eg:- Realtek Bluetooth Adapter) as shown in the below image.

Bluetooth Device Manager Win11

This method also tells you if there is bluetooth technology present on your system.

Method 3: Check for Bluetooth through Action Center

Step 1: Open the Action Center

Press Win + A keys together on your keyboard.

This opens up action center.

Step 2: In the Action center

You can see there is Bluetooth icon in between Wifi and Airplane mode as shown below.

You can turn bluetooth ON / OFF by clicking on this icon.

Bluetooth From Action Center Win11

By this method also, one can easily find if your system has bluetooth or not.

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