Windows 10 freezes while typing issue [Fixed]

Some Windows 10 users are experiencing freezes while trying to type something in their machines. This problem is prevalent for the users who have just upgraded their system to Windows 10. If you are experiencing a similar issue on your system, there is nothing to worry about further. Simply follow these easy fixes to solve this peculiar problem.


Fix 1 – Switch off the Filter key

Sometimes the Filter keys can cause an issue on your system.

1. Click on the Windows icon and then click on the gear-shaped icon on the left-hand side.




2. Then, click on the “Ease of Access“.


Ease Of Access


3. Scroll down on the left-hand side, click on the “Keyboard“.

4. On the right pane, toggle the “Use Filter Keys” option to “Off“.


Keyboard Off


Now, reboot your computer. Check if this solves your problem.


Fix  2 – Kill incompatible tasks

As you have upgraded from older Windows to Windows 10, some of the applications are not compatible.

[NOTE –  In most cases, it is the WiFi driver or the Bluetooth driver on your computer that is causing this issue. ]

1. Press the Windows key+X keys together.

2. After that, click on the “Task Manager“.


1 Task Manager


3. When the Task Manager opens up, check for any process (such as Bluetooth driver or WiFi driver ) that is associated with older Windows version.

4. Right-click on the Bluetooth process that is running and click on “End Task“.


Task Manager Processes Cue Right Click End Task


The typing problem should stop after this. You have to install updated drivers for Windows 10.

We have mentioned some steps to install the drivers.

a. Open the driver manufacturer website.

b. Download the driver for Windows 10.

c. After downloading the drivers, run the driver on your computer.

Restart the system. Repeat these processes for all older drivers installed on your computer.

This should fix the Windows 10 freezing problem you are facing.


Fix 3 –  Uninstall and reinstall the keyboard driver

You have to uninstall the keyboard driver from your computer.

1. Press Windows key+X

2. Then, click on “Device Manager” to open it.


Device Manager


3. You have to expand the “Keyboards” section.

4. After that, right-click on “HID Keyboard Device” and then click on “Uninstall device“.


Unistall Device Min


5. Finally, you have to click on “Uninstall” to uninstall the driver.


Uninstall Finall


Close Device Manager window.

Now, reboot your computer and the driver will be re-installed on your computer.

Try typing something after your system reboots.


Fix – 4 Run Keyboard troubleshooter

1. Simply press the Windows key and I keys together.

2. Now, click on “Update & Security“.


Update And Security


3. Then, on the left-hand side, click on the “Troubleshoot“.

4. After that, on the right-hand side, click on “Additional troubleshooters“.


Additional Troublehshooter Min


5. Now, on the right pane of the Settings window, select the “Keyboard” troubleshooter.

6. Now, click on “Run the Troubleshooter” to start the troubleshooting process.


Run The Troubleshooter Min


Follow the on-screen instructions in the Troubleshooting window.


Fix 5 – Clean boot your machine

If this problem is occurring due to any third party application on your system, clean booting may help you solve the issue.

1. Press the Windows key+R keys together.

2. Type “msconfig” in the terminal.  Click on “OK“.




3. Once the System Configuration window opens up, click on the “General“.

4. Simply after that, click on the radio button beside the “Selective startup” option.

5. After that step you have to check the box beside the “Load system services.


Selective Startup Load System Services Min


6. Go to the “Services” section.

7. Next what you have to do is check the “Hide all Microsoft services“.

8. Finally, to disable all the third-party applications you have to click on “Disable all“.


Disable Services Min


9. You have to click on the “Startup” section.

10. Click on the “Open Task Manager“.


Startup Task Manager Min


10. Once you have opened up the Task Manager, just right-click on the item you want to disable the auto-startup of and click on “Disable“.


Disable Startup Min


When you have disabled all the startup of unnecessary applications, close the Task Manager window.

11. Then, click on “Apply” and “OK”.


Apply Ok