How to Fix VJoy Failed to Install error in Windows 10/11

Many users have reported that they are facing this error when they try installing VJoy. The error says

vjoy failed to install

Several reasons to see this error are:

  • Corrupt Installation of Windows
  • Corrupted vJoy
  • Incorrect driver signature enforcement
  • Updating Windows
  • Updating the Application

In this article, let us see in detail how to resolve the vJoy Failed to Install issue in Windows 10 and Windows 11. Please try the fixes below in the same order as specified.

Fix 1: Restart the Cryptographic Services

Step 1: Open Run Dialog (Windows+r)

Step 2: Type services.msc and hit OK





Step 3: In the Services window, locate Cryptographic Services

Step 4: Right-click on Cryptographic Services and choose Properties


Cryptographic Services


Step 5: In the Properties window that opens, make sure that the Startup Type is Automatic

Step 6: Under the service status section, click on the Stop button and then click on the Start button

Step 7: Finally, click on Apply followed by OK


Stop and Start the CryptSvc



Step 8: Now, try Installing the vJoy ad check if this works.

in case this doesn’t help, try the next fix listed.

Fix 2: Disabling the Driver Signature Enforcement

Important Note before proceeding

  1. Disabling the Driver Signature Enforcement can be risky. Usually, the VJoy drivers must be signed digitally by certain authorities. When it is not signed, you see the error. In this fix, we are bypassing that by disabling Driver Signature Enforcement. By doing so, we are exposing our system to threats. Please process further at your own risk.
  2. In case this fix happens to work , whenever you want to use Vjoy, you have to Disable the Driver Signature Enforcement


Step 1: Open the Run Dialog. Simply hold Windows+R

Step 2: Type ms-settings:recovery and press the OK button






Step 3: On the right-hand side of the window, scroll down to reach the Advanced startup section and click on Restart Now button



Recovery Option Advanced Startup Restart Now Min



Step 4: Once the system restarts, you will be able to see the below screen. Choose Troubleshoot




Continue Troubleshoot Startup Repair



Step 5: Now click on the Advanced Option  as shown below



Troubleshoot Reset This Pc Advanced Options Startup Repair 1



Step 6: Now click on Startup Settings as shown below



Advanced Options Startup Repair Startup Settings Command Prompt Min



Step 7: From the Startup Settings, click on Disable driver signature enforcement




Startup Settings Options Safe Mode 1234 Startup Repair Min



Step 8: Once the system restarts, try installing the VJoy and check if it works.

In case it does not work, check the next fix.


Fix 3: Try Installing VJoy with Admin Rights

Step 1: UnPlug the VJoy hardware from the PC.

Step 2: Ensure no vJoy related process is running in the system from the Task Manager

Step 3: Now, try installing the VJoy.

Step 4: If the error is seen, open the VJoy website and download the Zip file

Step 5: Unzip the file and copy the contents in the below location:

C:\Program Files\vJoy


Step 5: Now locate the application file (.exe) in the explorer. Right-click on the file and choose Run as administrator



Run as Administartor



Check if this works, if not, try the next fix.

Fix 4: Update the vJoy Driver

Step 1: Open the Run Window by holding the keys Windows+r

Step 2: Enter devmgmt.msc, and hit OK





Step 3: From the device manager window, right-click on the VJoy device and then click on Update driver

Step 4: In the Update Drivers window, click on Search automatically for drivers



Update Drivers


Step 5: If any updated version of the driver is found, you will be notified and you can update the driver.

Once, the driver is up to date, check if the issue resolves, if not ty the next fix.

Fix 5: Re-installing the VJoy Application

If you had used the VJoy application in the past and then removed it for some reason and if the uninstallation had some errors then that might cause errors when installing the VJoy application again. Follow the below steps to uninstall the VJoy application properly and then try re-installing it.

Step 1: Hold the keys Windows+R and open Run Dialog

Step 2: Type appwiz.cpl and press Enter



appwiz cpl



Step 3: In the window, right-click on the VJoy application and choose Uninstall.

As a demo, uninstalling the update is shown in the below image. Uninstalling the vJoy application should be similar.


2021 03 13 16h39 02



Step 4: Restart the system

Step 5: Open Run Dialog ( Refer Step 1) and type devmgmt.msc, and hit OK





Step 6: In the device manager window, from the top menu, click on View and click on Devices by connection



devices by connection



Step 7: Locate the VJoy application. Right-click on it and choose Uninstall

Step 8: In the Confirm Device Uninstall window, check the option of Delete the Driver Software for this Device  and click on OK

Step 9: Restart your system

Step 10: Open Run Dialog ( Refer Step 1) and type cmd, and press Ctrl+Shift+Enter together. This opens a Command prompt with Admin rights.





Step 11: In the UAC that opens asking for permissions, click on Yes

Step 12: In the command prompt window that opens, type the below command and hit Enter

pnputil -e


pnputil -e



Step 13: You will get a list of entries, search for the entry that contains Shaul in the Driver package provider name, note the published name this would be an OEM file with its name in oemxx.inf(xx would contain some numbers).


Step 14: Remove all the OEM files that contain Shaul in the Driver package provider name one after the other using the below command and press Enter

pnputil -f -d oemxx.inf


xx contains numbers

For example, to delete the oem86.inf file, the command to be used is

pnputil -f -d oem86.inf


Step 15: Delete all the files from the below location

 C:\Program Files\vJoy


Step 16: Open the Run Dialog( Refer Step 1) and type regedit and hit Enter


Regedit In Run


Step 17: In the UAC pop up, click on Yes

NOTE: Registry editing can have an adverse effect on the system even with the slightest mistake. It is advised to take the backup of the registry before proceeding. To take a backup, In the Registry Editor–> Go to File –> Export –> Save your Backup file.

Step 18: Delete the following keys:


NOTE: In order to delete the keys, navigate to the location specified and then press the Delete button from your keyboard and press Yes in the Deletion Confirmation Dialog

Step 19: Restart the system again

Step 20: Download and install the latest version of the Vjoy Application. Uncheck the options of all of the Companion Applications

Check if this helps, if not try the next fix listed.

Fix 6: Perform a Clean Boot

To narrow down the issue further, it is advised to Clean Boot the system to rule out the chances of other applications using the system resources and causing this issue. To perform a Clean of the system, follow the below steps:

Step 1: Open the Run Dialog in your system. You can use the shrtcut Windows+r

Step 2: Type msconfig  and press the OK button





Step 3: The System Configuration window opens as shown below. Go to the Services tab

Step 4: Tick the box next to Hide all Microsoft services. This would disable all the Microsoft Services from the above list.

Step 5: Click on Disable all and Press on Apply






Step 6: In the same window, Open the Startup tab, click on Open Task Manager



Open Task Manager



Step 7: In the Task Manager Window that opens, under the Status column you can see the applications that are enabled on Startup. Disable all the applications that are enabled at the start-up.



Task Manger Disable



Step 8: In the System Configuration Window, Click on Apply and then Press OK



Apply Ok



Step 9: Restart the PC.

Step 10: Try installing the VJoy in the system now. There will be no interference from the other apps. Check if this works.

If not, try the next fix.

Fix 7: Revert Windows to Previous Update Version

At times, some new updates might have caused the issue. To check if that is the case, one can simply opt to remove the changes made by the latest update.

Step 1: Open Settings–> Update and Security –> Window Update window .(Refer Step 1, from Fix 20)

Step 2: Scroll down and click on View Update history



View update history



Step 3: In the appearing window, Check if there were any updates to the Camera app under the Update history section.

Step 4: Click on Uninstall updates



Uninstall Updates


Step 5: In the Window that opens, a list of updates that are installed in the system will be shown.

Step 6: Right-click on the required update and choose Uninstall.



2021 03 13 16h39 02



Check if the VJoy can be installed. If not try the next fix.

Fix 8: Reset the Windows

Step 1: Hold Windows+R and open the Run Dialog

Step 2: Type ms-settings:recovery  and hit Enter



2021 03 13 08h37 28



Step 3: In the next screen click on Reset Now.


Reset Pc Min




Step 4: In the Reset this PC window that opens, click on Keep my Files.



Keep my Files



Step 5: Follow the instructions as shown in the window and do the needful. Once, the PC is Reset, check if the issue resolves, if not, try the next fix.

That’s All

We hope this has been informative. Kindly comment and let us know which of the above fixes helped you resolve the issue. Also, let us know if you run into any issues, we will glad to assist.

Thank you for Reading.