How to Fix Steam Slow disk usage issue easily

Is the games downloading very slowly in the Steam client on your system? When the talk is downloading games or updating them, Steam takes the top spot. So, either there is some issues with your network or the disk where you are downloading the game. These are some solutions to retain the peak speed in Steam downloads.


Fix 1 – Clear the Steam download Cache

Downloading something over the last few days? Clearing the Steam download cache should fix the problem.

Step 1 – Maximize the Steam client.

Step 2 – There on the main page, go to the “Steam” and use the “Settings” to open that.


steam settings min


Step 3 – Switch to the “Downloads“.

Step 4 – If you look closely, you can find the Clear Download Cache section. Hit the “Clear cache” button once to clear the Steam download cache.


limit download cache min


This way, you can easily clear out the current download cache from the Steam app.

Start a fresh new download of the game.


Fix 2 – Lift the download limit

Steam has a download limiter which may be is in place and affecting the downloading operation.

Step 1 – Open the Steam client, again.

Step 2 – Tap the “Steam” and open the “Settings” to open the Steam settings again.


steam settings min


Step 3 – After opening the “Downloads” box, just make sure to set the “Limit download speed” to “Off“.


limit download cache min


This way, you can lift the limiter of the Steam downloading process.

This will increase the downloading speed in Valorant by quite a lot.


Fix 3 – Choose the closest server

The main reason behind having a slow Steam downloading can be just because of using a server farther from your location.

Step 1 To choose a nearby server, you have to open Steam and click “Settings“.


steam settings min


Step 3 – Get to the “Downloads“.

Step 4 – On the right side of the Steam settings page, you will see the Download Region.

Step 5 – Look which server you are using. Simply, click the drop-down list and choose the nearest server to your location.


us server selection min


You don’t have to do anything. So, close and relaunch the Steam client.

You will notice a definite uptick in the download speed for sure.


Fix 4 – Decrease the disk load

Another reason behind slow Steam download speed can be the huge load on the disk. A thing you can do by disabling the Connected User Experience.

Step 1 – Type “command” after tapping the 🔎 once.

Step 2 – Right-click the best match, “Command Prompt” and click “Run as administrator“.


cmd run as admin min


Step 3 – Input both of these commands one after another and hit Enter to put a stop on the Connected User Experiences and Telemetry service.

stop-service diagtrack
set-service diagtrack -startuptype disabled


stop service diagtrack min


This will decrease the disk usage quite a bit. Check the Steam downloading status.

Hope this helps.