How To Set Default Folder View For All Folders in Windows 10

In File explorer, there are many options to change the folder layout like extra large icons, small icons, lists, tiles, etc and each of the options has a different view. Windows will set the folder view by default based on the folder contents. For example, the folder containing videos has a different view, likewise, images, documents, etc folders have different folder views. If a folder has different types of files in it which means a mixture of images, documents, videos, music, etc then it has a general template. Saying so you can also set a default folder view for all your folders. In this article let us see how to set the default folder view for all the folders on your computer.

Set A Default Folder View For All Folders


Step 1: Open Windows explorer (File Explorer) using Windows + E keys together

Step 2: On the top of explorer click on View




Step 3: Here you can set the necessary view like small icons, extra large icons, list, details pane, etc. These can be set by clicking on the option you need

Step 4: You can also add or remove columns to the file explorer. To do that right click on any of the column headers

Step 5: In the appeared list you can select the necessary column by clicking on it like name, type, size, date modified, etc. A tick mark will appear beside the column name and then that particular column will appear in the window


right click


Step 6: To remove that column again right click on any of the column headers then click on the column name that should be removed. The tick mark should be disappeared


untick 1


Step 7: Also adjust the column width by dragging the vertical lines beside the column header




Step 8: Now once all the settings are done, now set the default folder view for all folders. To do that, click on the view




Step 9: On the right side, click on Options


options 1


Step 10: Click on the change folder and search options




Step 11: In the folder options window, go to the view tab

Step 12: Then click on apply to folders button




Step 13: From the pop-up window click on yes

Step 14: Then choose ok from the folder options window to save the changes. Now you have the common view for the folders.

That’s it! I hope the above information is useful. Thank you!