How To Save all the Gmail Emails To a folder in your PC

Gmail has become a part of life nowadays where in it holds many important information. It can also have sensitive information which you may feel to take a backup of. Before deleting the messages from Gmail if you want to have a copy of them then Gmail has a feature to export the data. There are different methods as well to copy your data, if you need a single or a few emails to be copied to your hard drive it can be done easily, or in case you need bulk emails to be exported it can be done as well. In this article let us see the different ways to export your Gmail emails onto your hard drive.

Method 1: Save Gmail Emails Using Gmail Settings


Step 1: Log in to the Gmail account

Step 2: On the top right side corner, click on your profile




Step 3: Click on Manage your google account option


Manage Account


Step 4: On the left side, click on the data & privacy


Data Privacy


Step 5: Then scroll down to the right and choose to download your data




Step 6: Deselect all other options and only select the mail option by ticking the checkbox beside it




Step 7: Click on All mail data included in the mail section


All Mail Data


Step 8: In the appeared pop up window, tick the checkbox beside include all messages in mail


Include All Messages


Step 9: Click on ok

Step 10: In the main window scroll till the end and click on the next step button

Step 11:  In the destination section, select Send download link via email from the transfer drop down. You can also select other options as per your preference from the drop down


Send Link


Step 8: You can select the frequency of export , file size and file type, etc

Step 9: Then click on create export button. This will export the data and it will be saved.


Create Export


Method 2: Save a particular Email In A PDF Format


Step 1: Log in to the Gmail account and open the email that you want to save

Step 2: Click on the Print all icon at the top right corner of the email


Print All


Step 3: A pop up window will appear, you can set the destination as save as pdf format and choose other settings


Save Pdf


Step 4: Click on save. The email will be saved as PDF format

Note: To open the pdf document you will need adobe acrobat reader or pdf reader.


Method 3: Using The Outlook You Can Save The Gmail Data On Your Computer


Step 1: Log in to your Microsoft Outlook account

Step 2: At the top left, click on file




Step 3: Click on Add account


Add Account


Step 4: On the Auto Account Setup page choose email account then enter your name, Gmail address and your Gmail password (or the app password), and then click on next

Step 5: Click on finish and your Gmail will reflect below your outlook account

Step 6: On the top left click on file, then choose open & export from the left


Open Export


Step 7: Click on import/export


Import Export


Step 8: In the choose an action to perform dropdown, select export to a file then click on next


Export File


Step 9: In the create a file type select Outlook Data File (.pst) then click on next


Pst File


Step 10: Select the account you want to export by choosing the name or email address of your Gmail account, and make sure to select the Include subfolders check box

Step 11: Click on next

Step 12: Choose the path where to save the exported files

Step 13: There are options to select with respect to the duplicate items, so choose the one you need by clicking on the radio button beside them

Step 14: Click on finish

Step 15: There will a pop up box asking for optional password. You can either specify the password or just click on ok

Step 16: And the data will start to export and you go to the specified path [Step 8] to check if the files are exported. It will be in the .pst file format

That’s it! I hope this article is helpful. Thank you!!